Visual Basic MCQ for Industrial Training Computer Science - Set 04 - ObjectiveBooks

Visual Basic MCQ for Industrial Training Computer Science - Set 04

Practice Test: Question Set - 04

1. Which mathematical function returns square root of a specified number in VBA?
    (A) Sqt()
    (B) Squr()
    (C) Sqrt()
    (D) Sqr()

2. What will be the output of the following VBA code?
    Sub test()
    a = 9
    Debug.Print Sqr(a)
    End sub
    (A) 3
    (B) 9
    (C) 18
    (D) 81

3. Which data type can hold any type of values in VBA?
    (A) Variant
    (B) Variable
    (C) Constant
    (D) Keyword

4. Which workbook property returns the name of the object including its path on disk in VBA?
    (A) Full name
    (B) Name
    (C) Path
    (D) Worksheets

5. What is called the set of commands bundled together under one name?
    (A) Properties
    (B) Macros
    (C) Procedures
    (D) Events

6. Which simplifies the work to be eliminating or rewriting the code in VBA?
    (A) Class
    (B) Object
    (C) Macros
    (D) Functions

7. Which window displays the watched expression including the one just added?
    (A) Module window
    (B) Immediate window
    (C) Watch window
    (D) Debug window

8. Which is a series of items where all items share the same properties and methods in VBA?
    (A) Arrays
    (B) Groups
    (C) Methods
    (D) Collections

9. Which shortcut key allows debugger to run the current procedure and go line after line called the procedure in VBA?
    (A) Ctrl + Shift + F6
    (B) Ctrl + Shift + F7
    (C) Ctrl + Shift + F8
    (D) Ctrl + Shift + F9

10. Which type of variable cannot be declared within a procedure in VBA?
    (A) Project scope
    (B) Local scope
    (C) Global scope
    (D) Module scope

11. Which VBA function is used to convert the string from uppercase to lowercase?
    (A) Lcase()
    (B) Lower()
    (C) Ucase()
    (D) Upper()

12. Which VBA worksheet property returns or sets a string value that represents the object name?
    (A) Name
    (B) Index
    (C) Range
    (D) Cells

13. Where does Excel come in object hierarchy of VBA?
    (A) Range object
    (B) Workbook object
    (C) Worksheet object
    (D) Application object

14. Which shortcut key is used to open the Visual Basic Editor in VBA?
    (A) Alt + F11
    (B) Ctrl + F11
    (C) Shift + F11
    (D) Shift + Ctrl + F11

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