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VMC Various Cycles - ITI Machinist MCQ

Practice Test: Question Set - 03

1. What is ‘Q’ in G87 X_Y_R_Z_Q_F_ in FANUC system?
    (A) Feed
    (B) Depth
    (C) Hole position
    (D) Shift value

2. What is ‘G16’ command in part program?
    (A) Parabolic interpolation
    (B) Polar co-ordinates ON
    (C) Corrosion co-ordinate ON
    (D) Inch programming

3. What is the G-code for tapping cycle in FANUC system?
    (A) G84
    (B) G81
    (C) G82
    (D) G83

4. Which co-ordinate system, a point is defined by the distance from a reference point and an angle from a reference direction?
    (A) Point to point
    (B) Cartesian
    (C) Polar
    (D) Continuous

5. How sub program is identified in numeric system?
    (A) X
    (B) L
    (C) P
    (D) U

6. What is used to avoid repetition of programme blocks?
    (A) Main program
    (B) Absolute program
    (C) Incremental program
    (D) Sub program

7. What is G73 in FANUC system?
    (A) High speed peck drilling cycle
    (B) Boring cycle
    (C) Back boring cycle
    (D) Tapping

8. What is radius vector in polar co-ordinate system?
    (A) Point to arc center
    (B) Angle from origin
    (C) Point to point
    (D) Point to the origin

9. What is G41?
    (A) Cutter radius compensation cancel
    (B) Cutter radius Compensation Left
    (C) Cutter radius Compensation Right
    (D) Cutter Height Compensation

10. What is radial co-ordinate in polar co-ordinate system?
    (A) Angle from the pole
    (B) Distance from the pole
    (C) Point to point
    (D) Point to arc center

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