What is the Concept of Cyber Security - Set 05 - ObjectiveBooks

What is the Concept of Cyber Security - Set 05

Practice Test: Question Set - 05

1. John digitally signs a message and sends it to Johnny. Verification of the signature by Johnny requires
    (A) John’s public key
    (B) Johnny’s public key
    (C) Johnny’s private key
    (D) John’s private key

2. What is the PGP stand for?
    (A) Permuted Gap Permission
    (B) Permuted Great Privacy
    (C) Pretty Good Privacy
    (D) Permuted Great Permission

3. Suppose that everyone in a group of N people wants to communicate secretly with the N–1 others using symmetric key cryptographic system. The communication between any two persons should not be decodable by the others in the group. The number of keys required in the system as a whole to satisfy the confidentiality requirement is
    (A) 2N
    (B) N(N-1)
    (C) N(N-1)/2
    (D) (N – 1)2

4. ______ was invented by Phil Zimmerman.
    (A) IPSec
    (B) SSL
    (C) PGP
    (D) None of the above

5. This is the model designed for guiding the policies of Information security within a company, firm or organization. What is “this” referred to here?
    (A) Confidentiality
    (B) Non-repudiation
    (C) CIA Triad
    (D) Authenticity

6. The RSA signature uses which hash algorithm?
    (A) MD5
    (B) SHA-1
    (C) MD5 and SHA-1
    (D) Does not use hash algorithm

7. Which of the following is not an element/field of the X.509 certificates?
    (A) Issuer Name
    (B) Serial Modifier
    (C) Issuer unique
    (D) Identifier Signature

8. Which one of the following is not a higher –layer SSL protocol?
    (A) Alert Protocol
    (B) Handshake Protocol
    (C) Alarm Protocol
    (D) Change Cipher Spec Protocol

9. Attempting to gain access to a network using an employee’s credentials is called the __________ mode of ethical hacking.
    (A) Local networking
    (B) Social engineering
    (C) Physical entry
    (D) Remote networking

10. In Singular elliptic curve, the equation x3 + ax + b = 0 does ________ roots.
    (A) Does not have three distinct
    (B) Has three distinct
    (C) Has three unique
    (D) Has three distinct unique

11. Typically, ______ can receive application data from any application layer protocol, but the protocol is normally HTTP.
    (A) SSL
    (B) TLS
    (C) Either (a) or (b)
    (D) None of above

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