What is Cyber Security and its types - Set 04 - ObjectiveBooks

What is Cyber Security and its types - Set 04

Practice Test: Question Set - 04

1. ISAKMP stands for __________
    (A) Internet system Association and Key Management Packet
    (B) Internet Security Association and Key Management Protocol
    (C) Interchange System And Key Modeling Protocol
    (D) Internet Security Association and Key Modeling Protocol

2. Which of the following Algorithms not belong to symmetric encryption
    (A) 3DES (TripleDES)
    (B) RSA
    (C) RC5
    (D) IDEA

3. When there is an excessive amount of data flow, which the system cannot handle, _______ attack takes place.
    (A) Database crash attack
    (B) DoS (Denial of Service) attack
    (C) Data overflow Attack
    (D) Buffer Overflow attack

4. In RSA, Ф(n) = _______ in terms of p and q.
    (A) (p)/(q)
    (B) (p)(q)
    (C) (p-1)(q-1)
    (D) (p+1)(q+1)

5. A asymmetric-key (or public key ) cipher uses
    (A) 1 key
    (B) 2 key
    (C) 3 key
    (D) 4 key

6. The total number of keys required for a set of n individuals to be able to communicate with each other using secret key and public key crypto-systems, respectively are:
    (A) n(n-1) and 2n
    (B) 2n and ((n(n – 1))/2)
    (C) ((n(n – 1))/2) and 2n
    (D) ((n(n – 1))/2) and n

7. Which Authentication Encryption approach is taken by the IPSec protocol?
    (A) Authentication followed by encryption (A→E)
    (B) Hashing followed by encryption (H→E)
    (C) Encryption followed by authentication (E→A)
    (D) Independently encrypt and authenticate (E + A)

8. The DSS signature uses which hash algorithm?
    (A) MD5
    (B) SHA-2
    (C) SHA-1
    (D) Does not use hash algorithm

9. In _______, the cryptographic algorithms and secrets are sent with the message.
    (A) IPSec
    (B) SSL
    (C) TLS
    (D) PGP

10. _______ means to prove access the system’s resources
    (A) Message authentication
    (B) Entity authentication
    (C) Message confidentiality
    (D) Non-repudiation

11. For p = 11 and q = 17 and choose e=7. Apply RSA algorithm where PT message=88 and thus find the CT.
    (A) 23
    (B) 64
    (C) 11
    (D) 54

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