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Wood Carving Carpentry Work Multiple Choice Questions

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. What is the name of machine used for cutting, bevels, rebates, grooves and tenons?
    (A) Mortising
    (B) Band saw
    (C) Circular saw
    (D) Turning lathe

2. Why wood is used for ornamentation?
    (A) Strength for work
    (B) Life for work
    (C) Cost of work
    (D) Beautify the work

3. What is the wood selected for the ornamentation work?
    (A) Hard wood
    (B) Twisted timber
    (C) Used knot timber
    (D) Natural grain of figured timber

4. What is the reason for carving knife slips?
    (A) Correct position
    (B) Hold the chisel
    (C) Proper cutting edge
    (D) Incorrect position

5. What is the definition of ornamentation?
    (A) Uniform color
    (B) Good quality
    (C) Good finishing
    (D) Decoration of wood article

6. What is the method of attractive items used in door frame and door shutters?
    (A) Nailing
    (B) Screwing
    (C) Carving
    (D) Sanding

7. Where is the carving work done in wooden door?
    (A) Surface only
    (B) Edge only
    (C) End only
    (D) Oblique only

8. What is the advantage of portable electric router machine?
    (A) Smoothing surface of work
    (B) Chiselling purpose
    (C) Large straight holes
    (D) Used for moulding and grooving

9. What is the use of vertical band saw machine?
    (A) Sawing size timber
    (B) Sawing zigzag cutting
    (C) Sawing keyhole cutting
    (D) Sawing large diameter log

10. Who relies chiefly on figure, grain color of timber?
    (A) Good designer
    (B) Hard worker
    (C) Unskilled person
    (D) Special man for works

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