Wood Design Engineering Objective Questions - Set 06 - ObjectiveBooks

Wood Design Engineering Objective Questions - Set 06

Practice Test: Question Set - 06

1. Short pieces of wood can be made into a longer, more usable piece by joining them with ______ joints.
    (A) Surface-lap
    (B) End-to-end half-lap
    (C) Cross-lap
    (D) Half-lap

2. An assembled mortise-and-tenon joint looks like a simple ________ joint.
    (A) Cross-lap
    (B) Miter
    (C) Dado
    (D) Butt

3. Special wood screws with widely spaced threads are available for use with
    (A) Composition panels
    (B) Pocket holes
    (C) Sheet metal
    (D) Tabletops

4. Veneering techniques have been used for at least ______ years.
    (A) 500
    (B) 1,000
    (C) 2,000
    (D) 3,000

5. The cutter head on a jointer holds ________ knives.
    (A) Two
    (B) Three
    (C) Four
    (D) Five

6. To cut a bevel, adjust the track for
    (A) Ripping
    (B) Duplicate parts
    (C) Straight crosscutting
    (D) Cutting from the bottom

7. When cutting compound curves, first
    (A) Remove the waste stock
    (B) Nail or tape the waste stock in place
    (C) Make a pattern
    (D) Re-saw the stock to thickness

8. The drill press can be used for
    (A) Drilling holes of various sizes and depths at various angles
    (B) Mortising
    (C) Sanding
    (D) All of the above

9. Which sander is most useful for getting into hard-to-reach places?
    (A) Narrow belt sander-grinder
    (B) Oscillating spindle sander
    (C) Stationary disc sander
    (D) Stationary belt sander

10. When storing a brush for a period of time, which of the following should not be done?
    (A) Wrap the brush in waxed paper
    (B) Soak up the wetness with newspaper
    (C) Wash it in detergent mixed with water
    (D) Comb the bristles with a metal comb

11. Wood’s greatest commercial importance is in
    (A) Production of synthetics and plastics
    (B) Making paperboard and cardboard
    (C) Furniture, cabinetmaking, and building construction
    (D) Engineered wood production

12. A three-view working drawing usually includes ______ views.
    (A) Front, back, and left-side
    (B) Top, front, and right-side
    (C) Back, front, and top
    (D) Left-side, right-side, and front

13. On some power drills, a chuck key is used to
    (A) Tighten the jaws around the bit
    (B) Lock the drill for safety reasons
    (C) Loosen screws that are too tight
    (D) None of the above

14. Position the fence on a table saw so the distance from the outside of the blade to the fence is the same as the _________ of the rabbet.
    (A) Depth
    (B) Length
    (C) Width
    (D) None of the above

15. The width of a tenon should be ______ inches or less.
    (A) 5
    (B) 4
    (C) 3
    (D) 2

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