Wood Products Manufacturing Procedures MCQ - Set 08 - ObjectiveBooks

Wood Products Manufacturing Procedures MCQ - Set 08

Practice Test: Question Set - 08

1. When changing the belt on the stationary belt sander, first
    (A) Turn the belt-tension knob
    (B) Remove the guards
    (C) Center the belt on the rollers
    (D) Adjust the idler pulley

2. The vertical part of a shoulder is cut with a
    (A) Gouge
    (B) Skew
    (C) Parting tool
    (D) Hermaphrodite caliper

3. Which is not done when applying an oil-based stain?
    (A) Wear rubber or vinyl gloves
    (B) Sponge the wood surface with water
    (C) Apply a thin coat of linseed oil to the wood
    (D) Wipe all surfaces with a tack rag

4. Which of the following is not involved in an electric shock that kills?
    (A) A slowed heart rate
    (B) Ventricular fibrillation
    (C) Respiratory-center paralysis
    (D) Paralysis of the hand or other muscles

5. When operating a portable power sander,
    (A) Make sure the abrasive belt is in good condition
    (B) Wear goggles or a face shield
    (C) Start the tool above the work surface
    (D) All of the above

6. When wood pieces are simply lapped without additional processing, the joint is called a(n)
    (A) Butt joint
    (B) Surface lap joint
    (C) End-to-end half-lap joint
    (D) Top-lap joint

7. A(n) ________ is used to clamp multi-sided projects.
    (A) Band clamp
    (B) C-clamp
    (C) Pipe clamp
    (D) Edging clamp

8. When planing a board, first
    (A) Adjust the machine for the correct thickness
    (B) Start the stock into the planer
    (C) Measure the thickness of the board at the thickest point
    (D) Turn on the power

9. When cutting rectangular openings,
    (A) First, make straight cuts down the length of each side
    (B) Backtrack out of the second cut and cut a curve to the second corner
    (C) Make nibbling cuts as needed to clear away waste
    (D) All of the above

10. While making a cut, the blade of the saw extends into a slot in the
    (A) Turntable
    (B) Kerf board
    (C) Fence
    (D) Angle indicator

11. Which of the following is usually not cut with a plunge router?
    (A) Dado
    (B) Edge
    (C) Mortise
    (D) Rabbet

12. Which of the following cannot be sanded with a power sander?
    (A) End grain
    (B) Curves
    (C) Irregular shapes
    (D) None of the above

13. A shallow dent in wood can sometimes be repaired by
    (A) Using steam to swell the wood
    (B) Filling it with a sliver of wood
    (C) Filling it with glue
    (D) Rubbing it with white shellac

14. When spraying finishes, wear
    (A) Rubber gloves
    (B) An apron
    (C) A mask or respirator
    (D) All of the above

15. A hand drill is generally used to drill holes _______ or less in diameter.
    (A) 1/4 inch
    (B) 1 inch
    (C) 3/4 inch
    (D) 1/8 inch

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