Wood Working Cutting Tools - Sawing MCQ Questions - Set 03 - ObjectiveBooks

Wood Working Cutting Tools - Sawing MCQ Questions - Set 03

Practice Test: Question Set - 03

1. How to align the knife edges in surface planer?
    (A) Parallel to the base
    (B) Parallel to cutter guard
    (C) Parallel to out feed table
    (D) Parallel to the work piece

2. Which PPE is to protect the hand while drilling?
    (A) Helmets
    (B) Gloves
    (C) Nose mask
    (D) Leather aprons

3. What is the use of dead centre in wood turning lathe?
    (A) Hold the work
    (B) Hold the chisel
    (C) Drives the work
    (D) Support the tool

4. Calculate the volume of log if d1, d2 and length are 0.5m, 0.7m and 10m respectively?
    (A) 1.826 m3
    (B) 2.826 m3
    (C) 3.826 m3
    (D) 4.826 m3

5. How to maintain the chisel and auger bit in hollow chisel mortiser?
    (A) Check the size
    (B) Keep in a safe place
    (C) Sharpening to be ensured
    (D) Lubricate frequently

6. How the work is fed for curve cutting in band saw machine?
    (A) Very low and evenly
    (B) Very high and evenly
    (C) High and evenly
    (D) Slowly and evenly

7. How to maintain the band saw blade before sawing on the machine?
    (A) Sharp the blade using file
    (B) Properly adjust the tension
    (C) Properly adjusted ripping fence
    (D) Setting the teeth using saw set

8. Which determines the size of band saw machine?
    (A) Width of the wheels
    (B) Diameter of the wheels
    (C) Thickness of the wheels
    (D) Length of the guide post

9. What is the benefit of miter gauge in cross cutting?
    (A) Support of the blade
    (B) Marking the work piece
    (C) Measuring the work piece
    (D) Guide and hold work piece

10. Which part supports the board after planning in surface planer?
    (A) Base
    (B) Fence
    (C) Rear table
    (D) Front table

11. Which is the personal protective equipment used for eye protection while grinding?
    (A) Apron
    (B) Helmet
    (C) Hand gloves
    (D) Safety goggles

12. Which Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is used for the protection of legs of operator while drilling?
    (A) Nose mask
    (B) Ear plug
    (C) Ear muff
    (D) Safety shoes

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