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Wood Working Machine - Sawing - Industrial Training MCQ

Practice Test: Question Set - 07

1. What is ensures by rotating the stock by hand in wood turning work?
    (A) Clearance live centre and tool rest
    (B) Clearance dead centre and tool rest
    (C) Clearance between stock and tool rest
    (D) Clearance between live centre and dead centre

2. Which machine is used to sharpen single point cutting tools?
    (A) Cylindrical grinder
    (B) Surface grinder
    (C) Portable grinder
    (D) Pedestal grinder

3. Which part of the band saw machine prevents damage of teeth while breaking?
    (A) Saw guide
    (B) Upper guide
    (C) Throat plate
    (D) Ripping fence

4. What is the function of saw blade in band saw machine?
    (A) Running over two vertical wheels
    (B) Running over two inclined wheels
    (C) Running over two vertical spur gear
    (D) Running over two vertical V-pulley

5. Which part is used to move the job laterally and longitudinally?
    (A) Chuck
    (B) Fence
    (C) Hand wheel
    (D) Depth gauge

6. Which tool is used for support of sawing in band saw machine?
    (A) Iron bar
    (B) Push stick
    (C) Cork block
    (D) Wooden rule

7. How to maintain the grinding wheel in pedestal grinding machine?
    (A) Proper oiling
    (B) Proper greasing
    (C) Proper cooling
    (D) Avoid heavy load

8. How to maintain the band saw machine blade after the work?
    (A) Filing of the teeth
    (B) Setting of the teeth
    (C) Sharpening of the teeth
    (D) Releasing tension and safe

9. What is the safety precaution observed in working circular saw machine?
    (A) Maintain the angle of teeth
    (B) Maintain the size of blade
    (C) Maintain the pitch of blade
    (D) Check the blade is properly fitted and tightened to arbor

10. What is the advantage of ripping fence in band saw machine?
    (A) Accurate repacking and grooving
    (B) Accurate ripping and cross cutting
    (C) Accurate miter and inclined cutting
    (D) Accurate zig-zag and key hole cutting

11. Which part of the pedestal grinder supports the work while grinding?
    (A) Wheel guards
    (B) Coarse grinder wheel
    (C) Tool rest
    (D) Fine grinding wheel

12. Which stock is to avoid planning in thickness planer?
    (A) Uniform width
    (B) Straight grain
    (C) Varying thickness
    (D) Uniform thickness

13. What is the purpose of live centre in wood turning lathe?
    (A) Driving the work
    (B) Drilling the work
    (C) Turning the work
    (D) Polishing the work

14. Which type of chisel is used for turning the work from square to round?
    (A) Skew chisel
    (B) Gauge chisel
    (C) Parting chisel
    (D) Spear point chisel

15. Which wood is avoided in wood turning work?
    (A) Seasoned wood
    (B) Straight grain timber
    (C) Uniform texture wood
    (D) Knots and splits wood

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