Wood Working Machine - Sawing MCQ Quiz Questions - Set 04 - ObjectiveBooks

Wood Working Machine - Sawing MCQ Quiz Questions - Set 04

Practice Test: Question Set - 04

1. Which part is used for turning stand base, fruit bowls in wood turning lathe?
    (A) Cup chuck
    (B) Face plate
    (C) Cup centre
    (D) Dead centre

2. Which part is adjusted according to the thickness of stock for sawing in band saw?
    (A) Guide post
    (B) Saw guides
    (C) Throat plate
    (D) Thrust wheels

3. Which is the adjustment for height of saw guide post above the job in band saw machine?
    (A) 10 mm
    (B) 20 mm
    (C) 30 mm
    (D) 40 mm

4. How to maintain the band saw wheels before switching on the machine?
    (A) Clean the rust
    (B) Clean the dust
    (C) Check the alignment
    (D) Guards must be closed

5. What is the PPE to protect against inhaling of dust while working in planning machine?
    (A) Nose mask
    (B) Head shield
    (C) Leather apron
    (D) Helmets

6. What is the cause for planed surface not straight and accurate?
    (A) Used proper lubrication
    (B) Work piece very hardness
    (C) Setting the fence not properly
    (D) Rear table not proper alignment

7. Which material is used in manufacture of horizontal bed in wood turning lathe?
    (A) Big iron
    (B) Cast iron
    (C) Drop forged steel
    (D) High utensil steel

8. Which type of wood is suitable for sanding work?
    (A) Old wood
    (B) New wood
    (C) Nailed wood
    (D) Excess glue wood

9. How to maintain the wood turning job before setting the centers in wood working lathe?
    (A) Remove the stone
    (B) Remove the rough end
    (C) Remove the rough surface
    (D) Remove the sharp corners

10. Which part is tilted and lowered at an angle 45 Degree in band saw machine?
    (A) Table
    (B) Upper guide
    (C) Lower wheel
    (D) Upper wheel

11. How to avoid wobbling and twisting in the cut of band saw machine?
    (A) Using throat plate
    (B) Using upper wheel
    (C) Using thrust wheels
    (D) Using guide post Jaws

12. Which PPE is used for eye protection while working in planning machine?
    (A) Face shield
    (B) Helmets
    (C) Leather leg guards
    (D) Gum boots

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