Word Processing Software and Package Questions and Answers - Set 02 - ObjectiveBooks

Word Processing Software and Package Questions and Answers - Set 02

Practice Test: Question Set - 02

1. Where does the file name of the active document displays?
    (A) Title bar
    (B) Task bar
    (C) Menu bar
    (D) Status bar

2. Which area in MS Word is used to enter the text?
    (A) Work space
    (B) Work sheet
    (C) Slides
    (D) Work book

3. How many groups are there in Home Menu?
    (A) 4
    (B) 5
    (C) 6
    (D) 7

4. What in the purpose of vertical scroll bar?
    (A) Move the document up and down
    (B) Move the document left side
    (C) Move the document right side
    (D) Move the document only upwards

5. Which sequence of operation is required to insert bullets for list of data?
    (A) Paragraph group - numbering button - select any number type
    (B) Paragraph group - number button - select none
    (C) Paragraph group - bullet button - type of bullets
    (D) Paragraph group - bullet button - select none

6. Which shortcut key is used to high light the entire word document?
    (A) Ctrl + A
    (B) Ctrl + O
    (C) Ctrl + S
    (D) Ctrl + E

7. Which option is used to store the duplicate of the active document permanently?
    (A) Save
    (B) Send
    (C) Save as
    (D) Rename

8. What is the purpose of zoom option?

    (A) Enlarge and reduce document / text size

    (B) Move up and down document / picture
    (C) Scroll left and light document / picture
    (D) Minimize and maximize the document / picture

9. Which operation is to be performed before paste?
    (A) Ctrl + V
    (B) Cut / copy
    (C) Select all
    (D) Select text

10. How can we rectify the errors occurs while typing?
    (A) Auto entry
    (B) Auto add
    (C) Auto spell
    (D) Auto correct

11. Which tool in MS Word is used to keep the familiar and repeated options?
    (A) Title bar
    (B) Task bar
    (C) Scroll bar
    (D) Quick access tool bar

12. Which feature is used to adjust the amount of space between words for alignment in MS Word?
    (A) Spacing
    (B) Scaling
    (C) Justifying
    (D) Positioning

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