Work Holding Device and Lathe Operation ITI Machinist MCQ - Set 02 - ObjectiveBooks

Work Holding Device and Lathe Operation ITI Machinist MCQ - Set 02

Practice Test: Question Set - 02

1. Which lathe operation raises the diameter to a small range to get a press fit on assembling?
    (A) Boring
    (B) Grooving
    (C) Knurling
    (D) Chamfering

2. What will happen if the blunt cutting edge of the tool is used while facing in a lathe?
    (A) Convex face
    (B) Concave face
    (C) Correct face
    (D) Pip left at centre

3. Which part of the vernier bevel protractor is attached to disc?
    (A) Disc
    (B) Blade
    (C) Stock
    (D) Vernier scale

4. What is the type of chuck mainly employed to hold irregular jobs?
    (A) Collet chuck
    (B) Magnetic chuck
    (C) Three Jaw chuck
    (D) Two Jaw concentric chuck

5. Which type of knurling tool has got one roller right hand helical teeth and others have left hand helical teeth?
    (A) Cross knurling
    (B) Concave knurling
    (C) Straight knurling
    (D) Diamond knurling

6. Which process of lathe operation on existing drilled or core hole will be enlarging and truing?
    (A) Boring
    (B) Grooving
    (C) Chamfering
    (D) Centre drilling

7. What lathe operation is manly used on the handles to provide better grip for handling purposes?
    (A) Facing
    (B) Chamfering
    (C) Form turning
    (D) Taper turning

8. Which point of vernier bevel protractor is pivoted to the dial and can be rotated through 360°?
    (A) Dial
    (B) Disc
    (C) Blade
    (D) Stock

9. Which type of chuck has the ability to centre the work automatically and maintain accuracy for long period?
    (A) Collet chuck
    (B) Four jaw chuck
    (C) Magnetic chuck
    (D) Three jaw chuck

10. What is the formula to find out the least count of vernier bevel protractor?
    (A) 1 MSD - 1 VSD
    (B) 1 MSD - 2 VSD
    (C) 2 MSD - 1 VSD
    (D) 2 MSD - 2 VSD

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