Working on Wood and Aluminium Objective Questions - Set 02 - ObjectiveBooks

Working on Wood and Aluminium Objective Questions - Set 02

Practice Test: Question Set - 02

1. What is the relationship between width of door and H height of door?
    (A) H = (width + 1.5 m)
    (B) H = (width + 1.35 m)
    (C) H = (width + 1.2 m)
    (D) H = (width + 1.1 m)

2. What is the purpose of window in building construction?
    (A) Support the building
    (B) Support the surface wall
    (C) Temperature drop
    (D) Light and air through the room

3. What is the use of sliding window wheels?
    (A) Smooth operation
    (B) Use close the door one direction
    (C) Use on anticlockwise door
    (D) Use on clockwise door

4. Which construction material is used as alternative replacement of wood?
    (A) PVC
    (B) Iron
    (C) Asbestos
    (D) Mica

5. What is the easy method to assemble P.V.C door?
    (A) Minimum shrinkage
    (B) Minimum warping
    (C) Uniform texture
    (D) Cut and joining quickly

6. What is the purpose of using primer before painting?
    (A) Save time
    (B) Save manpower
    (C) Improve adhesive function
    (D) Improve out look

7. Which nail is used in masonry work?
    (A) Panel nail
    (B) Concrete nail
    (C) Lost head nail
    (D) Wire nail with small heads

8. What is termed as the inclination of roof?
    (A) Eaves
    (B) Pitch
    (C) Hip
    (D) Cable

9. Which window is provided on sloping roof of building?
    (A) Corner window
    (B) Dormer window
    (C) Double hung window
    (D) Clare storey window

10. What is the merit of fibre glass?
    (A) High strength
    (B) Low strength
    (C) High elasticity
    (D) Low elasticity

11. What is the span for provision of herring bone strutting in single joist timber floor?
    (A) 1.00 m
    (B) 1.50 m
    (C) 2.00 m
    (D) 2.50 m

12. What is the disadvantage of P.V.C?
    (A) More weight
    (B) High cost
    (C) Minimum moisture content
    (D) Avoid installation in high temperature

13. What is the advantage of latex paint?
    (A) More cost
    (B) It is very bright
    (C) Given long life
    (D) Blocks most stains

14. What is the necessary of repairing work?
    (A) Improve the strength
    (B) Maintain the size and shape
    (C) Avoid shrink and warp
    (D) Protect the element

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