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Online Automobile Engineering Quiz

Quiz Questions

01. The cetane number of a Diesel fuel is a measure of

02. The differential ensures that each wheel is driven at a speed which corresponds to the distance it must travel around a corner, and it consequently prevents against excessive tyre wear.

03. Tachometer in a vehicle measures

04. The smooth shift mechanism of an automatic transmission reduces the degree of shock at shifting of gears.

05. If the air-fuel mixture ignites before the spark takes place at spark plug, the condition is called

06. The crankshaft of a typical inline four cylinder engine has ________ balance weights.

07. The camshaft is driven by the crankshaft via the timing belt.

08. Odometer is an instrument used for measurement of

09. The main merit of a multi cylinder type cylinder sleeve is

10. The number of exhaust manifolds in a V-6 engine is

11. The component of the oil filter that prevents the passage of metal particles and sludge is

12. The engine torque increases with the increase in engine speed up to a certain point after which it starts to fall down.

13. In Diesel engines, during suction stroke, ________ is drawn in the cylinder.

14. The clutch is located between the transmission and the

15. The most commonly used supplementary restraint system (SRS) component is

16. The crescent shaped cavity on the piston head top surface is called as

17. When the engine speed increases, the ignition timing must be advanced.

18. The connecting rod connects the piston and the

19. In vehicles with tilt steering, the steering column is pivoted in

20. The PCV valve incorporates a spring loaded plunger and opens in proportion to the level of vacuum pressure in the intake manifold.