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Objective Mechanical Engineering and Technical Interview E-book

Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions with Answers + Technical Interview E-Book Download

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  • Document Type: E-Book
  • Document Format: Pdf file
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  • Number of Pages: 918 pages
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Objective Books (www.objectivebooks.org)
  • Updated on: February 2023

Product Description:

Objective Mechanical Engineering E-book: A complete E-Book for Mechanical Engineering Objective Studies. This book covers the Entire Mechanical Engineering syllabus, Concept top to Bottom Objective Questions with Answers. Helpful for interviews and various Competitive Exams.
  1. More than 8000 Objective Questions with Answers.
  2. Multiple Test Series of all Subjects with Answers
  3. Mechanical Engineering Objective Quiz Questions with Answers.

Technical Interview E-book: All Important Mechanical Engineering Technical Interview Questions & Answers covering all the subjects, Important for Viva Exams & Pvt. and Govt Gob Interviews of Freshers and Experienced in each & every field of mechanical Engineering.


  1. Strength of Materials:
  2. Engineering Thermodynamics:
  3. Machine Design:
  4. Internal Combustion (I.C) Engine
  5. Automobile Engineering:
  6. Engineering Mechanics:
  7. Engineering Materials:
  8. Fluid Mechanics:
  9. Hydraulics & Fluid Machineries:
  10. Heat & Mass Transfer:
  11. Theory of Machines:
  12. Engineering Drawing:
  13. Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning:
  14. Power Plant Engineering:
  15. Manufacturing & Production Engineering:
  16. Compressors, Gas Turbines & Jet Engines:
  17. Industrial Engineering & Production Management:
  18. Steam Boilers, Engines, Nozzles & Turbines:
  19. Workshop Technology:
  20. Mechanical Engineering Quiz Series
  21. Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions with Answers
    • Design, SOM, KOM, Manufacturing Process, Engineering Mechanics & Vibrations
    • Design of Machine Elements: Basic
    • Design of Machine Elements: Springs
    • Design of Machine Elements: Shafts, Keys, Bolts, Nuts, Screws, Fasteners, Bearings, Flywheel & Governor
    • Fluid Mechanics & Fluid Machinery: Turbine, Boiler, compressor, Pumps, Bearings Etc…
    • Steam Turbine Interview Questions
    • All Subjects: Mechanical Engineering
    • Piping Engineering Interview Questions:

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