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Civil Engineering Multiple Choice Questions ebook

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Product Description:
This book on Civil Engineering contains nearly 7000+ MCQs which focuses in-depth understanding of subjects at basic and advanced level which has been segregated topic-wise to disseminate all kind of exposure to students in terms of quick learning and deep apt. The chapter wise segregation has been done to align with contemporary competitive examination pattern. Attempt has been made to bring out all kind of probable competitive questions for the aspirants preparing for IES, GATE, UPSC, SSC PSUs and all State level Exams. The content of this book ensures threshold level of learning and wide range of practice questions which is very much essential to boost the exam time confidence level and ultimately to succeed in all prestigious engineer’s examinations. It has been ensured from objective books to have broad coverage of subjects at chapter level.

Every chapter in the book is logically divided into various sections, while ensuring that the contents in the book are self-sufficient and require no cross-referencing.  The whole content of the book furnishes the students with the right knowledge and paves a confident path for the aspirants to accomplish success in any engineering competitive exam.

  • 7000+ MCQs with Answers
  • All Important Interview Questions with Answers

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  • Number of Pages: 947 pages
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  • Updated on: February 2023

  1. Advanced Surveying
  2. Airport Engineering
  3. Applied Mechanics and Graphic Statics
  4. Building Construction
  5. Building Materials
  6. Concrete Technology and Design
  7. Construction Planning and Management
  8. Design of Masonry Structures
  9. Design of Steel Structures
  10. Docks and Harbor Engineering
  11. Elements of Remote Sensing
  12. Engineering Economy
  13. Environmental Engineering
  14. Estimating and Costing
  15. Highway Engineering
  16. Fluid Mechanics
  17. Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering
  18. Irrigation Engineering
  19. Railway Engineering
  20. RCC Structures Design
  21. S.I. Units
  22. Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering
  23. Strength of Materials
  24. Structural Analysis
  25. Structural Design Specifications
  26. Surveying and Levelling
  27. Theory of Structures
  28. Tunnel Engineering
  29. Waste Water Engineering
  30. Water Supply Engineering
  31. Civil Engineering Interview Questions and Answers

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