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Objective Electrical Engineering with Interview Questions and Answers pdf ebook

Electrical Engineering Objective Questions with Answers (MCQ), Interview Questions, Lab Viva Questions and Answers

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  • Updated on: February 2023

Product Description:
Electrical Engineering is a branch of Engineering Science. It is a field of engineering that generally deals with the study and application of electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism.

This book has been written by keeping in mind of various competitive exams and interviews of all kind of organizations.

The subject matter studied in the curse and the pattern is frequently used in many exam papers in higher classes and in many interviews of leading organizations and Exams like GATE/IES/UPSE/SSC/PSUs and State level Exams.

This book caters to the syllabus of almost all Universities. This book covers almost all the topics of Electrical Engineering. The subject is divided in parts by topics and all are covered by Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ).

This book covers:
  1. 45 topics of Electrical Engineering covering More than 3000 MCQ & Answers
  2. Basic Electrical Questions & Answers (General Electrical)
  3. Electrical Engineering Quiz (8 sets of quiz Questions)
  4. Interview Questions & Answers asked in many Interviews
  5. Electrical Lab Viva Questions & Answers
  1. A.C Fundamentals, Circuits and Circuit Theory
  2. Alternating Current and Voltage
  3. Branch, Loop and Node Analyses
  4. Capacitors
  5. Circuit Theorems and Conversions
  6. Circuit Theorems in AC Analysis
  7. Current Electricity
  8. D.C Generators
  9. D.C. Motors
  10. Economics of Power Generation
  11. Electric Traction
  12. Electrical Cables
  13. Electrical Control Systems
  14. Electrical Engineering Materials
  15. Electrical Machine Design
  16. Electrolysis and Storage of Batteries
  17. Electromagnetic Induction
  18. Electrostatics
  19. Energy and Power
  20. Heating and Welding
  21. Inductors
  22. Industrial Drivers
  23. Magnetic Circuit
  24. Magnetism & Electromagnetism
  25. Measurement & Instrumentation
  26. Network Theorems
  27. Ohm's Law
  28. Parallel Circuits
  29. Passive Filters
  30. Polyphase Induction Motors
  31. Power Plant Engineering (Generation of Electrical Power)
  32. RC Circuits
  33. Rectifiers and Converters
  34. RL Circuits and Resonance
  35. RL Circuits
  36. Series Circuits
  37. Series-Parallel Circuits
  38. Single Phase Induction Motors
  39. Switchgear Protections
  40. Synchronous Motors
  41. Three-Phase Systems in Power Applications
  42. Time Response of Reactive Circuits
  43. Transformers
  44. Transmission & Distribution
  45. Voltage, Current and Resistance
  46. Basic Electrical Questions & Answers
  47. Electrical Engineering Quiz
  48. Electrical Interview Questions & Answers
  49. Electrical Engineering Lab Viva Questions & Answers
    • Control Systems Lab
    • EDC Lab
    • Electrical Circuits Lab
    • Electrical Machines Lab
    • Electrical Measurements Lab
    • Electronics System Design Lab
    • Network Analysis Lab
    • Power Electronics Lab
    • Thermal & Hydro Lab

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