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Electrical Engineering Lab Viva eBook

Electrical Engineering Lab Viva eBook: Electrical Engineering Lab Viva Exam Questions and Answers, Interview Questions and Answers and Basic Electrical MCQ

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Product Description:
This book has been written mainly by keeping in mind of those students attempting for Lab Viva Exams. This book is also very important for Interviews, electrical quizzes, answering exams questions related to electrical lab.
This book caters to the syllabus of almost all Universities. This book covers almost all the topics of Electrical Engineering. The subject is divided in parts by topics and all are covered by Subjective Questions and Answers. This also contains some Basic Electrical Engineering Questions in Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) format and important Interview Questions and Answers.

This book covers:

  1. Complete Chapter wise Electrical Lab Viva Questions & Answers
  2. Basic Electrical Questions & Answers (General Electrical): MCQ
  3. Interview Questions & Answers asked in many Interviews

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  • Updated on: February 2023