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A kind Appeal to all Students

About us:

ObjectiveBooks.org is a free learning site. It operates with a motto of sharing all type of education related information, various subject topics, Questions and Answers, various competitive exams previous years question papers etc., that is useful for all students.

Give a Helping Hand:

All engineering students (from all streams) are here requested to send your Project work, Seminar work presentation etc (if you wish to send & help others) to our site so that all upcoming students can find your works and get some idea to prepare their own project work.

Your contribution can help others and gift them a better idea to prepare for their project works.

All you have to do, just
  1. Prepare your project work file (word or pdf)
  2. ppt presentation (if you have)
  3. Send this files to the mail id: support@objectivebooks.org

In the mail, mention all these detail (optional)
  1. Your name
  2. Your studying year/semester
  3. College/University
  4. Any other information about you
We will post your project work, along with your details, so that all students on this site can find your work and get some help.