Electrical Engineering MCQ Quiz - Set 01 - ObjectiveBooks

Electrical Engineering MCQ Quiz - Set 01

Quiz Questions

01. The concept on which Superposition theorem is based is

02. Which of the following power plants need the least period for installation?

03. Millman’s theorem yields

04. The power factor of an induction motor under no-load conditions will be closer to

05. When a load resistance is removed from the output of a voltage divider circuit, the current drawn from the source

06. In case of a double cage induction motor, the inner cage has

07. Magnetic moment is a

08. The rectifier instrument is not free from

09. Kirchhoff’s law is not applicable to circuits with

10. The output of a certain voltage divider is 12 V with no load. When a load is connected, the output voltage

11. With three resistances connected in parallel, if each dissipates 20 W the total power supplied by the voltage source equals

12. The armature torque of the D.C. shunt motor is proportional to

13. Depreciation charges are high in case of

14. Pressure error can be measured by which of the following?

15. In D.C. machines the width of the duct is usually

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