Electrical Quiz MCQ - Set 08 - ObjectiveBooks

Electrical Quiz MCQ - Set 08

Quiz Questions

01. The relative permittivity of free space is given by

02. A Weston frequency meter is

03. Unit for quantity of electricity is

04. The unit of capacitance is

05. Load shedding is possible through which of the following?

06. A fuse is connected

07. Instrument transformers are

08. Which motor is preferred for use in mines where explosive gases exist?

09. A fuse is never inserted in

10. In case of 3phase induction motors, plugging means

11. Time constant of an inductive circuit

12. A phasor represents

13. When the plate area of a capacitor increases,

14. International ohm is defined in terms of the resistance of

15. Which lightening stroke is most dangerous?

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