Electrical Quiz MCQ - Set 06 - ObjectiveBooks

Electrical Quiz MCQ - Set 06

Quiz Questions

01. A common type of cable termination used for ribbon cables in panel building is

02. Q8 BS 7671 provides appropriate advice on

03. Which of the following is a statutory piece of legislation?

04. The most suitable item of equipment to mark a straight line in order to install a horizontal conduit over a distance of 4 m is a

05. An earthing arrangement that has a PEN conductor is

06. If a circuit protective device requires 200 A in order to disconnect in the required time, the overall impedance of the earth fault path for a 230 V circuit protected by the device must not exceed

07. The ratio of the true power to apparent power in an ac circuit is the

08. The purpose of a bonding conductor is to provide

09. A mass of 20 kg is to be raised by a hoist 2 m in 30 seconds. Assuming no losses, the power required to raise this load is

10. The input of an A.C. circuit having power factor of 0.8 lagging is 40 kVA. The power drawn by the circuit is

11. Higher the self-inductance of a coil,

12. Dielectric strength of a material depends on

13. The least share of power is provided in India, by which of the following power plants?

14. One Maxwell is equal to

15. D.C. machines designed with a large value of air gap length have

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