Electrical Quiz MCQ - Set 07 - ObjectiveBooks

Electrical Quiz MCQ - Set 07

Quiz Questions

01. To facilitate ease of installation and assembly of equipment reference is made to

02. The purpose of a switch is to open or close a circuit

03. In order to prevent danger during maintenance operations, a voltage warning notice is required on all electrical accessories where

04. The maximum operating temperature for a thermoplastic (pace) insulated cable with copper conductors is

05. Before any work is done within an electrical installation, the first procedure would be to

06. An increase in current through a conductor will lead to

07. When carrying out repairs to the base of a street lighting column it is essential to wear

08. In a star connected three phase transformer the

09. A device with a BS EN number has been

10. Which of the following has an adverse effect on installed equipment?

11. When carrying out maintenance work on a distribution board in a busy walkway, it is advisable to protect others by the use of a

12. A circuit wired in 1.5 mm2 thermoplastic (PVC) twin with CPC cable is protected by a 16 A device and is used to supply a 230 V 3 kW water heater. If the cable has a rated voltage drop of 29 mV/A/m and the circuit is 24 m long, the actual voltage drop will be

13. Electrostatic sensitive equipment, in transit, need not be protected against damage from

14. A single rotation of an alternator, intended to provide a 50 Hz supply frequency, will take

15. First aid points are indicated using signs bearing a white cross on a

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