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Chain Drives Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

Chain Drives MCQ Practice Test:

1. A chain drives is used for
    (A) Short distance 
    (B) Long distance 
    (C) Medium distance 
    (D) Distance is no criterion for chain drive

2. The length of the chain in terms of pitches is approximately given by,

    Where, z1, z2 = number of teeth on small and big sprocket, a = center distance, p = chain pitch

    (A) 2(a/p) + (z1 + z2)/2 + (z2 - z1)/2π]2 (p/a)
    (B) 2(a/p) + (z1 + z2)/2 - (z2 - z1)/2π]2 (p/a)
    (C) p (z1 + z2)/2
    (D) 2(a/p)

3. The variation in chain speed is due to
    (A) Chordal action 
    (B) Creep
    (C) Slip 
    (D) Backlash

4. In some applications, chain drives are preferred to belt drive because of
    (A) Compact construction 
    (B) Positive transmission
    (C) Low cost 
    (D) Both (A) and (B) above

5. The number of teeth on sprocket should be odd in order to
    (A) Reduce polygonal effect 
    (B) Reduce wear 
    (C) Reduce back sliding 
    (D) Evenly distribute wear on all sprocket teeth 

6. Silent chain is made of
    (A) Links and blocks 
    (B) Links, pins, bushes and rollers
    (C) Links
    (D) Inverted tooth overlapping links 

7. Main types of failure in roller chain are
    (A) Breakage of link plates 
    (B) Wear of rollers and pins 
    (C) Wear of sprocket wheel 
    (D) All of the above 

8. The relationship between pitch circle diameter of the sprocket (D), pitch of the chain (p) and number of teeth on sprocket (z) is given by,
    (A) p = D sin (180/z)
    (B) p = D sin (90/z)
    (C) p = D sin (360/z)
    (D) p = D sin (120/z)

9. For a chain drive, to have variation of speed less than 1%, the minimum number of teeth on smaller sprocket should be
    (A) 15
    (B) 17
    (C) 20
    (D) 24

10. As compared to belt drive, the chain drive transmits
    (A) More power
    (B) Less power 
    (C) Same power 
    (D) None of the above 

11. Following type of chain is used in motorcycle
    (A) Roller 
    (B) Silent 
    (C) Link 
    (D) Ewast 

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