Data Structures and Algorithms Practice Tests - Set 01 - ObjectiveBooks

Data Structures and Algorithms Practice Tests - Set 01

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. The logical or mathematical model of a particular organization of data is called a __________
    (A) Data structure
    (B) Data arrangement
    (C) Data configuration
    (D) Data formation

2. Operations on a data structure may be ____________
    (A) Creation
    (B) Destruction
    (C) Selection
    (D) All of the above

3. ________ Is a directed tree in which outdegree of each node is less than or equal to two.
    (A) Unary tree
    (B) Binary tree
    (C) Trinary tree
    (D) Both B and C

4. The property of binary tree is
    (A) The first subset is called left subtree
    (B) The second subtree is called right subtree
    (C) The root cannot contain NULL
    (D) The right subtree can be empty

5. ________ is not the operation that can be performed on queue.
    (A) Insertion
    (B) Deletion
    (C) Retrieval
    (D) Traversal

6. A graph is said to be _________ if the vertices can be split into two sets V1 and V2 such there are no edges between two vertices of V1 vertices of V2.
    (A) Partite
    (B) Bipartite
    (C) Rooted
    (D) Bisects

7. In the _________ traversal we process all of a vertex’s descendants before we move to an adjacent vertex.
    (A) Depth First
    (B) Breadth First
    (C) Width First
    (D) Depth Limited

8. Which data structure is used in breadth first search of a graph to hold nodes?
    (A) Stack
    (B) Queue
    (C) Tree
    (D) Array

9. In _________, search start at the beginning of the list and check every element in the list.
    (A) Linear search
    (B) Binary search
    (C) Hash Search
    (D) Binary Tree search

10. The advantage of ________is that they solve the problem if sequential storage representation. But disadvantage in that is they are sequential lists.
    (A) Lists
    (B) Linked Lists
    (C) Trees
    (D) Queues

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