Linux Computer Science Interview Questions and Answers - Set 01 - ObjectiveBooks

Linux Computer Science Interview Questions and Answers - Set 01

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. What service is used to translate domain names to IP addresses?
    (A) NFS
    (B) SMB
    (C) NIS
    (D) DNS

2. GNOME is based on
    (A) CORBA toolkit
    (B) COM/DCOM toolkit
    (C) ORE toolkit
    (D) OLE DB toolkit

3. What script is run for setting bash global defaults for all users?
    (A) /etc/.profile
    (B) /etc/.bashrc
    (C) /etc/.log
    (D) /etc/profile

4. How could you install the file ipchains-1.3.9-5.i386.rpm?
    (A) rpm -qip ipchains
    (B) rpm -Uvh ipchains
    (C) rpm -i ipchains* .i386.rpm
    (D) rpm -e ipchains-1.3.9-5.i386.rpm

5. What command is used to display your current working directory?
    (A) path
    (B) pwd
    (C) prompt $p$g
    (D) dir

6. For you to create a swap partition by using fdisk, what must the partition's system ID type be?
    (A) 83
    (B) 82
    (C) 5
    (D) 4

7. What command is used with vi editor to replace text from cursor to right
    (A) S
    (B) s
    (C) R
    (D) r

8. You just added a new user, kara, to the system. What group is kara added to by default?
    (A) root
    (B) kara
    (C) group
    (D) user

9. What command is used to change the working directory?
    (A) cdir
    (B) chdir
    (C) changedir
    (D) cd

10. What command is used to add printing jobs to the queue?
    (A) lpd
    (B) lpr
    (C) lpq
    (D) lpc

11. What command is used with file named 'letter' to remove the executable permission from the user and assign read permission to the group and others?
    (A) chmod go + x, u - x letter
    (B) chmod g - x, uo + r letter
    (C) chmod go + r, u + x letter
    (D) chmod u - x, go + r letter

12. How can you rebuild the RPM file to include the new patches?
    (A) - - recompile
    (B) - - rebuild
    (C) - - generate
    (D) - - execute

13. Which of the following command is used to access an SMB share on a Linux system?
    (A) NFS
    (B) SMD
    (C) smbclient
    (D) smbserver

14. Which of the following NIS clients returns the name of the NIS server used by the NIS client?
    (A) ypwhich
    (B) ypbind
    (C) ypcat
    (D) yppoll

15. What does OSS stand for?
    (A) Open System Software
    (B) Original Source Software
    (C) Open Source Software
    (D) Original System Server

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