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Windows NT MCQ Questions and Answers

Practice Test: Question Set - 06

1. User Manager for domains
    (A) Is used to add a workstation to the domain
    (B) Is used to create user profiles and system policies
    (C) Is used to change file permissions
    (D) Is used to assign a log on script to a user or group of users

2. You are setting up a network in a school. You need to network 5 computers for the file and printer sharing. You want to use some donated cable and Ethernet adapters. You identify the donated adapters as ARCnet coaxial network adapters and 10Base2 Ethernet network adapters. You install an Ethernet adapter in each of the 5 computers and connect the donated cable. The computers are NOT able to maintain reliable communication. You suspect that you are NOT using the correct type of coaxial cable. Which type of coaxial cable should you be using?
    (A) RG-58 AU
    (B) RG-59 AU
    (C) RJ-11
    (D) RJ-45

3. The system administrator wants to make sure that users have access only to certain programs on their systems. Which actions accomplish this?
    (A) Create a mandatory user profile and lock all the program groups
    (B) Create a mandatory user profile that disables the Run command, assign this profile to all users and remove File Manager from the Main group
    (C) Create a mandatory user profile and ensure that the Deny All option is set on all of the files that the user should not be able to access
    (D) Delete WINFILEJEXE from the WINNT directory create a mandatory user profile that disables the File menu in Program Manager, and assign the profile to all users

4. Routers are often used to implement FIREWALLS
    (A) True
    (B) False

5. Assume that you are a user of a Windows NT workstation in the SYCON domain, and the Windows NT workstation has local accounts. You wish to have administrative rights to all Windows NT Advanced Servers in the SYCON domain. How would you achieve this with a minimum amount of administration"?
    (A) Run User Manager for Domains on any Windows NT Advanced Server in the SYCON domain. Open the Domain Admins group. In the List Names From box choose your workstation and add your workstation user account to the Domain Admins group
    (B) Add your user account to the local Administrators group on each workstation in the SYCON domain
    (C) Add your user account to the Domain Admins group on any Windows NT Advanced Server in the SYCON domain
    (D) Add your user account to the Administrators group on each Windows NT Advanced Server in the SYCON domain

6. A company has a department that consists of 15 engineers. The engineers have data that needs to be accessible only to their own team. The department continually has engineers arriving and departing, and it is difficult to identify a single administrator for the department Which model would be the best for this situation?
    (A) A master domain mode, with each engineer trusting the master domain and the data stored on the server
    (B) A single domain mode, with all data kept on the controller for the domain
    (C) A complete trust mode, with each engineer's computer trusting the other engineer's computers
    (D) A workgroup mode, with each engineer administering his or her own computer

7. What is the purpose of the token in a network that employs a media access control method based on the IEEE 802.5 specification?
    (A) Token passing provides higher throughput than CSMA/CD when twisted-pair wiring is used
    (B) The station that holds the token is allowed to transmit a message on the network
    (C) The station that hold the token has the highest priority on the network
    (D) A token contains information that is used to route messages between rings

8. You want to find out which users are currently using a specific directory on a Windows NT Server computer. How should you do this?
    (A) Use Windows NT Explorer
    (B) Use Disk Administrator
    (C) Use Server Manager
    (D) Use User Manager for Domains

9. Bridges introduce small delays into a network.
    (A) True
    (B) False

10. From your client computer, you are able to access several servers on your 10Base2 Ethernet network. However, you are NOT able to access a server names RED. Other client computers are able to access RED. What is the most likely cause of the problem?
    (A) There is an incorrect IRQ setting on the network adapter in your client computer
    (B) There is a break in the cable
    (C) There is a protocol mismatch between your client computer and RED
    (D) An excessive number of collisions are occurring on the media

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