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Docks and Harbour Engineering Multiple Choice Test

Practice Test: Question Set - 09

1. The important component of a sea port is
    (A) Terminal buildings
    (B) The docks
    (C) The harbour
    (D) All of these

2. Pick up the correct statement from the following:
    (A) The artificial barrier constructed to enclose "n area for safe anchorage, is called break water
    (B) The smoothened surface at the top end of the vertical face of a guay wall, is called fending
    (C) The effective berthing lengths of inclined guays can be adjusted
    (D) All the above

3. Pick up the correct statement from the following:
    (A) The operation of removing material from the sea or river bed is known as
    (B) Dredging
    (C) Digging
    (D) None of these

4. Depth of borings for soil investigation, is generally kept below low water level
    (A) 30 m
    (B) 35 m
    (C) 45 m
    (D) 40 m

5. Which one of the following land marks on the coast line must be depicted on hydrographic maps?
    (A) Shore line
    (B) Light houses
    (C) Church spires
    (D) All the above

6. The low water datum for a lake is defined as the surface of the lake when it is at elevation
    (A) 180.5 m above M.S.L.
    (B) 190.5 m above M.S.L.
    (C) 170.5 m above M.S.L.
    (D) 200.0 m above M.S.L.

7. The dock wall is designed as a gravity retaining wall and is tested for
    (A) Back fill pressure when the dock is empty
    (B) Maximum water pressure from the dock without any back fill
    (C) The load charge transmitted to the dock by the movement of loaded vehicles or trains on the way
    (D) All of the above

8. Soundings are required for
    (A) Making nautical charts for navigation
    (B) Ascertaining the areas subject to scour or silting
    (C) Obtaining detailed information for construction
    (D) All the above

9. Location of soundings by range and one angle is done by the surveyor
    (A) On the shore
    (B) On the boat
    (C) On the shore or on the boat
    (D) None of the above

10. The variation of atmospheric potential is caused due to:
    (A) Difference in temperature over the surface of the earth
    (B) Change in the density of air
    (C) Both (a) and (b)
    (D) Neither (a) nor (b)

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