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Building Materials MCQ - Set 29

Practice Test: Question Set - 29

1. In stone masonry, stones (stratified rocks) are so placed that the direction of pressure to the plane of bedding is
    (A) Right angles
    (B) 45°
    (C) 60°
    (D) Parallel

2. The most durable varnish is
    (A) Water varnish
    (B) Spirit varnish
    (C) Turpentine varnish
    (D) Oil varnish

3. Softer variety of steel may be obtained by
    (A) Cementation process
    (B) Crucible process
    (C) Bessemer process
    (D) Open hearth process

4. Bitumen emulsion is
    (A) A liquid containing bitumen in suspension
    (B) A paint
    (C) Used as anti-corrosive paint
    (D) All the above

5. Plastic bitumen is generally used for
    (A) Road pavements
    (B) Expansion joints
    (C) Crack fillings
    (D) None to these

6. Asbestos is
    (A) Corrugated sheet used for roofing
    (B) An incombustible fire proof material
    (C) An organic substance
    (D) All the above

7. The rocks which are formed due to pouring of magma at the earth's surface are called
    (A) Plutonic rocks
    (B) Hypabyssal rocks
    (C) Volcanic rocks
    (D) Igneous rocks

8. Invar contains
    (A) 12% of nickel
    (B) 24% of nickel
    (C) 30% of nickel
    (D) 36% of nickel

9. Distemper is
    (A) A paint consisting of powdered chalk, pigments and water
    (B) A water proofing agent
    (C) A paint consisting of colored cement and water
    (D) A drying agent

10. The compound of Portland cement which reacts immediately with water and also sets first is
    (A) Tri-calcium silicate
    (B) Di-calcium silicate
    (C) Tri-calcium aluminate
    (D) Tetra calcium alumino ferrite

11. In arches, stratified stones are placed so that their planes are
    (A) Parallel
    (B) Perpendicular
    (C) Radial
    (D) None of these

12. The fire clay contains pure
    (A) Lime
    (B) Oxide of iron
    (C) Hydrated aluminium silicate
    (D) Magnesium

13. Pick up the correct characteristic of Pyroxene from the following:
    (A) It forms octagonal crystals
    (B) It converts to chlorine by hydration
    (C) Its density is 2.3 to 3.6 g/cm2
    (D) All the above

14. The base material for distemper, is
    (A) Chalk
    (B) Lime
    (C) Lime putty
    (D) Cement wash

15. Slacking of lime is affected by
    (A) Keeping it exposed to air
    (B) Immersing the lime in water
    (C) Crushing the lime lumps
    (D) None of these

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