Building Materials Multiple Questions - Set 09 - ObjectiveBooks

Building Materials Multiple Questions - Set 09

Practice Test: Question Set - 09

1. Cast steel is manufactured by
    (A) Cementation process
    (B) Crucible process
    (C) Bessemer process
    (D) Open hearth process

2. Based on the following rocks and minerals, select the correct statement, quartz, shale, basalt, granite, marble, gypsum, mica
    (A) Basalt and marble are the only metamorphic rocks
    (B) There is no sedimentary rock
    (C) Granite is the only igneous rock
    (D) Quartz and mica are minerals

3. The foliated structure is very common in
    (A) Sedimentary rocks
    (B) Igneous rocks
    (C) Metamorphic rocks
    (D) None of these

4. Cross cut saw is used for
    (A) Cutting soft stones
    (B) Cutting hard stones
    (C) Cutting large blocks of stones
    (D) Dressing stones

5. Pick up the correct statement from the following:
    (A) Catalysts are added to assist and accelerate the hardening of resin
    (B) The fillers are inert materials and they impart strength and hardness
    (C) Fibrous fillers increase thermal resistance
    (D) All the above

6. A first class brick when immersed in cold water for 24 hours should not absorb water more than
    (A) 15 %
    (B) 20 %
    (C) 22 %
    (D) 25 %

7. The minimum compressive strength of 2nd class bricks should be
    (A) 75 kg/cm2
    (B) 90 kg/cm2
    (C) 100 kg/cm2
    (D) 120 kg/cm2

8. Which of the following bricks are used for lining of furnaces?
    (A) Over-burnt bricks
    (B) Under-burnt bricks
    (C) Refractory bricks
    (D) First class bricks

9. Bulking of sand is caused due to
    (A) Surface moisture
    (B) Air voids
    (C) Viscosity
    (D) Clay contents

10. According to IS specifications, the compressive strength of ordinary Portland cement after three days should not be less than
    (A) 7 MPa
    (B) 11.5 MPa
    (C) 16 MPa
    (D) 21 MPa

11. Pick up the correct statement from the following:
    (A) Plastics have generally low melting point
    (B) The coefficient of thermal expansion of plastics is about three times than that of steel
    (C) The acoustical boards prepared by impregnating fibre-glass with phenolic resins has absorption coefficient of about 0.67
    (D) All the above

12. The amount of water used for one kg of distemper is
    (A) 0.2 liter
    (B) 0.4 liter
    (C) 0.6 liter
    (D) 0.8 liter

13. Smith's test of stones is performed to find out
    (A) The presence of soluble matter of stone
    (B) The compressive strength of the stone
    (C) The hardness of the stone
    (D) The toughness of the stone

14. The most important tool in brick laying for lifting and spreading mortar and for forming joints is
    (A) Trowel
    (B) Square
    (C) Bolster
    (D) Scutch

15. What is the answer to this question?The weight of 1 m3 of brick earth, is about
    (A) 1200 kg
    (B) 1500 kg
    (C) 1800 kg
    (D) 2000 kg

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