Chemical Engineering Multiple Choice Quiz Questions - Set 02 - ObjectiveBooks

Chemical Engineering Multiple Choice Quiz Questions - Set 02

Quiz Questions - Set 02

01. Which of the following transducers is most commonly used for the measurement of shock and vibration?

02. Unit molar solution of __________ is the best conductor of electricity.

03. Stress and strain are related by __________ elastic constants for a linearly elastic, homogeneous & isotropic material.

04. Material of construction of surveying metallic tapes is __________ which has low coefficient of expansion & enough strength.

05. Maximum carbon content in cast iron is __________ percent.

06. Which is the only metal that exists in liquid state at room temperature?

07. Ceramic materials are

08. Volute casing of a centrifugal pump does not facilitate

09. Colloids can be purified by

10. Salvage value is the most flexible criteria for analysing a financial investment. 'Salvaging' means

11. L.D. converters are generally lined with

12. Machinability of hard alloys and tool steels is improved by

13. Semi-conductors normally employ __________ bonding.

14. The moment of inertia of a body comes into play in __________ motion.

15. Material of construction of foundry crucible is

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