Chemical Engineering MCQ Quiz - Set 05 - ObjectiveBooks

Chemical Engineering MCQ Quiz - Set 05

Quiz Questions - Set 05

01. The equipment used in the extraction of highly corrosive radioactive liquids is

02. Isotropic materials have the same __________ in all the directions.

03. The tensile load-elongation curve of a metal does not describe

04. Machine tool bodies are usually made of

05. In age-hardenable alloys, maximum ductility is obtained

06. The capital and running costs of similar machines having unequal service life can be compared by the __________ method.

07. Dialysis is the process of separating substances in the

08. The yield point in fatigue loading compared to that in static loading is less. The ratio of ultimate tensile strength to endurance limit of a material subjected to fatigue loading is

09. With increase in carbon percentage in steel, its

10. Which of the following is capable of acting both as an acid flux as well as a basic flux in the metal extraction from its ore?

11. Feed check valve is used in steam boilers to

12. Electric arc furnace is employed mainly for the production of __________ steel.

13. A reduction process is accompanied with increase in the

14. On-off control

15. Pick out the wrong statement.

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