Quiz Questions on Waste Water Engineering - Set 17 - ObjectiveBooks

Quiz Questions on Waste Water Engineering - Set 17

Practice Test: Question Set - 17

1. The settlement velocity of a solid (diameter 0.5 mm, specific gravity 1.75) in water having temperature 10°C, is
    (A) 213.5 cm/sec
    (B) 313.5 cm/sec
    (C) 413.5 cm/sec
    (D) 500 cm/sec

2. For house drainage minimum gradient is
    (A) 1 in 60
    (B) 1 in 80
    (C) 1 in 10
    (D) 1 in 400

3. For estimating the peak run off the rational formula Q = 0.0278 KpA was evolved by
    (A) Kinchling
    (B) Lloyd Davis
    (C) Frubling
    (D) All the above

4. A rain sanitary sewer is constructed to carry
    (A) Sanitary sewage
    (B) Storm sewage
    (C) Surface water
    (D) Ground water

5. The most effective arrangement for diverting excess storm water into a natural drainage, is
    (A) Leaping weir
    (B) Overflow weir
    (C) Siphon spill way
    (D) None of these

6. The drop man holes are generally provided in sewers for
    (A) Industrial areas
    (B) Large town ships
    (C) Hilly town ships
    (D) Cities in plains

7. For a peak discharge of 0.0157 cumec, with a velocity of 0.9 m/sec, the diameter of the sewer main, is
    (A) 10 cm
    (B) 12 cm
    (C) 15 cm
    (D) 18 cm

8. For design purposes, the normal rate of infiltration of ground water into the sewer, is
    (A) 500 liters/km/cm
    (B) 1000 liters/km/cm
    (C) 1500 liters/km/cm
    (D) 2000 liters/km/cm

9. You are asked to design sewer pipes of diameters 0.4 m to 0.9 m at maximum flow, you will assume the sewer flow running at
    (A) Full depth
    (B) Half full
    (C) Two third full
    (D) Three fourth full

10. The algae dies out in the zone of
    (A) Degradation
    (B) Active decomposition
    (C) Recovery
    (D) Cleaner water

11. In a sludge digestion tank if the moisture content of sludge V1 litres is reduced from p1 % to p2 % the volume V2 is
    (A) [(100 + P1)/(100 - P2)] V1
    (B) [(100 - P1)/(100 + P2)] V1
    (C) [(100 - P1)/(100 - P2)] V1
    (D) [(100 + P2)/(100 - P1)] V1

12. Assertion (A) : Discharging the effluents from the oxidation ponds just up stream of lakes or reservoirs is undesirable.
Reason (R) : The discharged algae get settled in the reservoirs and cause anaerobic decomposition and other water qualities.
    (A) Both A and R are true and R is the correct explanation of A
    (B) Both A and R are true but R is not a correct explanation of A
    (C) A is true but R is false
    (D) A is false but R is true

13. The sewage treatment in septic tanks is due to
    (A) Anaerobic decomposition
    (B) Aerobic decomposition
    (C) Parasitic decomposition
    (D) None of these

14. The dimensions of a rectangular settling tank are: length 24 m, width 6 m and depth 3 m. If 2 hour detention period for tanks is recommended, the rate of flow of sewage per hour, is
    (A) 204 cu.m
    (B) 208 cu.m
    (C) 212 cu.m
    (D) 216 cu.m

15. If ‘n’ is the rugosity coefficient, ‘r’ is the hydraulic depth, ‘s’ is the bed slope of sewer, the velocity of flow in m/sec may be obtained by the formula V = (1/n) r2/3 s1/2 evolved by
    (A) Chezy
    (B) Manning
    (C) Bazin
    (D) Kutter

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