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Waste Water Engineering Objective Type Questions - Set 13

Practice Test: Question Set - 13

1. The flow velocity in detritus tanks is
    (A) 0.05 m/sec
    (B) 0.09 m/sec
    (C) 1.25 m/sec
    (D) None of these

2. If the side of a square sewer is 1000 mm, the diameter of a hydraulically equivalent circular section, is
    (A) 1045 mm
    (B) 1065 mm
    (C) 1075 mm
    (D) 1095 mm

3. The water carried sewerage system removes
    (A) Domestic sewage
    (B) Industrial sewage
    (C) Storm sewage
    (D) All the above

4. A nuisance is experienced in diluting water if dilution factor is less than
    (A) 100
    (B) 60
    (C) 40
    (D) 20

5. A manhole is generally provided at each
    (A) Bend
    (B) Junction
    (C) Change of gradient
    (D) All the above

6. The asbestos cement pipes are generally laid
    (A) Horizontally
    (B) Vertically
    (C) At an angle of 30°
    (D) At an angle of 60°

7. The design period in years for pumping plants, is
    (A) 1
    (B) 2 to 3
    (C) 3 to 5
    (D) 5 to 10

8. A safety lamp when inserted in the upper portion of a manhole causes flames. It indicates the presence of
    (A) Carbondioxide gas
    (B) Hydrogen sulphide gas
    (C) Methane gas
    (D) Petrol vapors

9. The disintegrating pump in which solid matter is broken up before passing out, is
    (A) Centrifugal pump
    (B) Reciprocating pump
    (C) Pneumatic ejector
    (D) None of these

10. If the depletion of oxygen is found to be 2.5 mg/liter after incubating 2.5 ml of sewage diluted to 250 ml for 5 days at 20°C, B.O.D. of the sewage is
    (A) 50 mg/l
    (B) 100 mg/l
    (C) 150 mg/l
    (D) 250 mg/l

11. Design period of 40 to 50 years is adopted for
    (A) Branch sewers
    (B) Main sewers
    (C) Trunk sewers
    (D) All the above

12. A circular sewer section is preferred to because
    (A) It is cheaper in construction
    (B) It provides maximum area for a given perimeter
    (C) It provides maximum hydraulic mean depth
    (D) All the above

13. In very first stage of decomposition of the organic matter in sewage
    (A) Nitrites are formed
    (B) Nitrates are formed
    (C) Carbondioxide is formed
    (D) Ammonia is formed

14. In a city the ratio of the drainage to sewage is 20, the percentage discharge passing through non-monsoon periods, is
    (A) 5
    (B) 10
    (C) 15
    (D) 20

15. The self-cleansing velocity of water flowing through pipe lines, is
    (A) 2 meters/sec
    (B) 1 metre/sec
    (C) 0.5 metre/sec
    (D) 0.25 metre/sec

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