Water Supply Engineering Theory Practice Tests - Set 22 - ObjectiveBooks

Water Supply Engineering Theory Practice Tests - Set 22

Practice Test: Question Set - 22

1. The four major water supply distribution systems, are
    (A) Dead end, tree, grid iron and reticulation
    (B) Dead end, tree, grid iron and circular
    (C) Tree, grid iron, ring and radial
    (D) Tree, reticulation, circular and ring

2. Pick up the correct statement from the following:
    (A) For determination of small color intensities, tintometer is generally used
    (B) The odour of water sample is generally measured by a term called odour intensity
    (C) The color of water sample may be detected by Nessler tube
    (D) All the above

3. The type of joint generally used in cast iron pipes, is
    (A) Socket and spigot joint
    (B) Flanged joint
    (C) Dresser coupling joint
    (D) All the above

4. The percentage of chlorine in fresh bleaching powder is roughly
    (A) 50 to 60
    (B) 30 to 35
    (C) 40 to 50
    (D) 20 to 25

5. Normal values of overflow rate for plain sedimentation tank using coagulants, is
    (A) 750 to 1000 liters/hr/m2
    (B) 1000 to 1250 liters/hr/m2
    (C) 1250 to 1500 liters/hr/m2
    (D) 1500 liters/hr/m2

6. The maximum pressure which the pipe can withstand without any leakage during hydrostatic pressure test, is called
    (A) Working pressure
    (B) Design pressure
    (C) Test pressure
    (D) Hydrostatic pressure

7. Growth of population can be conveniently represented by
    (A) An arithmetical curve
    (B) A semi-logarithmic curve
    (C) A logistic curve
    (D) A straight line curve

8. An aquiclude is
    (A) A non artesian aquifer
    (B) An artesian aquifer
    (C) A confined bed of impervious material between aquifers
    (D) A large water body underground

9. The pH value of water fit for drinking, is
    (A) 13
    (B) 11
    (C) 9
    (D) 7

10. The coefficient of permeability of soils, is generally expressed in
    (A) cm/sec
    (B) cm/minute
    (C) cm2/sec
    (D) cm2/minute

11. Standard process of chlorination of water, is done by
    (A) Plain chlorination
    (B) Pre-chlorination
    (C) Post-chlorination
    (D) Double chlorination

12. Pressure exerted at 90° bend in a pipe of cross-sectional area A and carrying water with a velocity V under a pressure p, is
    (A) [pA + (w/g) AV]
    (B) 2 [pA + (w/g) AV²]
    (C) √2 [pA + (w/g) AV²]
    (D) √3 [pA + (w/g) A²V]

13. Service connections to consumers houses, are generally provided with
    (A) Copper pipes
    (B) Hume pipes
    (C) Galvanized iron pipes
    (D) P.V.C. pipes

14. The permissible pH value for public water supplies may range between
    (A) 4.5 to 5.5
    (B) 5.5 to 6.5
    (C) 6.5 to 8.5
    (D) 8.5 to 10.5

15. In the equation P = PS/[1 + loge-1 (nt)] of a logistic curve of population growth, the constant m is
    (A) Ps × P
    (B) PS/P
    (C) (PS - Po)/Po
    (D) KPs 

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