Database Management System Short Questions and Answers pdf - Set 14 - ObjectiveBooks

Database Management System Short Questions and Answers pdf - Set 14

Practice Test: Question Set - 14

1. The Primary key must be
    (A) Non Null
    (B) Unique
    (C) Option A or B
    (D) Option A and B

2. Which of the following is the structure of the Database?
    (A) Table
    (B) Schema
    (C) Relation
    (D) None of these

3. In SQL, which of the following is not a data Manipulation Language Commands?
    (A) DELETE
    (B) SELECT
    (C) UPDATE
    (D) CREATE

4. A list consists of last names, first names, addresses, and pin codes if all people in the list have the same last and the same pin code, a useful key would be
    (A) The pin code
    (B) The last name
    (C) A compound key consisting of the first name and the last name
    (D) All of the above

5. Subschema can be used to
    (A) Create very different, personalized views of the same data
    (B) Present information in different formats
    (C) Hide sensitive information by omitting fields from the sub-schema's description
    (D) All of the above

6. An audit trail
    (A) Is used to make back-up copies
    (B) Is the recorded history of operations performed on a file
    (C) Can be used to restore lost information
    (D) None of the above

7. Large collections of files are called
    (A) Fields
    (B) Records
    (C) Databases
    (D) File system

8. When performing a look-up operation using a form
    (A) You enter the search value into the form
    (B) You look at each form sequentially until you see the one you want
    (C) You type the key in an entry line, and the correct form is displayed
    (D) All of the above

9. A network schema
    (A) Restricts the structure to a one-to-many relationship
    (B) Permits many-to-many relation-ships
    (C) Stores data in tables
    (D) All of the above

10. A _________ means that one record in a particular record type may be related to more than one record of another record type.
    (A) One-to-one relationship
    (B) One-to-many relationship
    (C) Many-to-one relationship
    (D) Many-to many relationship

11. Data encryption techniques are particularly useful for
    (A) Reducing storage space requirements
    (B) Improving data integrity
    (C) Protecting data in data communication systems
    (D) All of the above

12. What is the language used by most of the DBMSs for helping their users to access data?
    (A) High level language
    (B) Query language
    (C) SQL
    (D) 4GL

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