Garment Sketching - Dress Making Design Objective Questions - Set 02 - ObjectiveBooks

Garment Sketching - Dress Making Design Objective Questions - Set 02

Practice Test: Question Set - 02

1. Which skirt length is upper thigh just below crotch level?
    (A) Micro mini skirt
    (B) Long skirt
    (C) Pencil skirt
    (D) Godet skirt

2. Which one is an element of design?
    (A) Emphasis
    (B) Harmony
    (C) Pattern
    (D) Texture

3. Which is a type of ladies top?
    (A) Skirt
    (B) Blouse
    (C) Kimono
    (D) Palazzo

4. Which software is used for designing?
    (A) Excel
    (B) Microsoft word
    (C) Coral draw
    (D) Power point

5. Which line gives a natural and continuous effect?
    (A) Straight line
    (B) Thick line
    (C) Spiral line
    (D) Opposite curve

6. Which shape has six straight and equal sides?
    (A) Triangle
    (B) Pentagon
    (C) Hexagon
    (D) Octagon

7. Which is a primary color?
    (A) Green
    (B) Yellow
    (C) Orange
    (D) Violet

8. What is the term for outside shape of dress?
    (A) Fashion
    (B) Design
    (C) Silhouette
    (D) Style

9. Which one is a wedge - shape cutout in a pattern to control the fit of a garment?
    (A) Dart point
    (B) Bust point
    (C) Dart legs
    (D) Dart intake

10. Which short cut key is used to select all in coral draw?
    (A) Ctrl + C
    (B) Ctrl + A
    (C) Ctrl + S
    (D) Ctrl + V

11. Which skirt has cut bias fold?
    (A) Umbrella skirt
    (B) Mine skirt
    (C) Pencil skirt
    (D) Pleated skirt

12. Which is a stylized version of natural shape?
    (A) Abstract shape
    (B) Illusion
    (C) Space
    (D) Texture

13. Which is the element of garment?
    (A) Full
    (B) Balance
    (C) Harmony
    (D) Rhythm

14. Which tool to draw and to edit tables?
    (A) Star tool
    (B) Rectangle tool
    (C) Ellipse tool
    (D) Table tool

15. Which two colors are beside each other on the color wheel?
    (A) Analogous colors
    (B) Cool colors
    (C) Complementary
    (D) Secondary colors

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