Garment Sketching Multiple Choice Questions online Test - Set 01 - ObjectiveBooks

Garment Sketching Multiple Choice Questions online Test - Set 01

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. Which color scheme uses a single color with its shades, tones and tints?
    (A) Complementary color scheme
    (B) Monochromatic color scheme
    (C) Analogous color scheme
    (D) Triadic color scheme

2. Which is a cool color?
    (A) Red
    (B) Green
    (C) Yellow
    (D) Orange

3. Which is overlapping skirt?
    (A) Mini skirt
    (B) Pleated skirt
    (C) Long skirt
    (D) Tulips skirt

4. Which tool is used to remove unwanted areas in objects in coral draw?
    (A) Crop tool
    (B) Knife tool
    (C) Eraser tool
    (D) Shape tool

5. Which line is created illusion of increased length?
    (A) Vertical lines
    (B) Horizontal lines
    (C) Diagonal line
    (D) Curved lines

6. What is a tone?
    (A) Mixing of grey
    (B) Mixing of white
    (C) Mixing of black
    (D) Mixing of brown

7. Which is a Loose Japanese top?
    (A) Raglan
    (B) Kimono
    (C) Plain
    (D) Princess line

8. What defines as a series of interconnected points?
    (A) Color
    (B) Line
    (C) Dot
    (D) Texture

9. Which shape is used for face rendering?
    (A) Square
    (B) Triangle
    (C) Circular
    (D) Ellipse

10. Which is secondary color in color wheel?
    (A) Red
    (B) Yellow
    (C) Green
    (D) Brown

11. Which key is used to print CorelDraw?
    (A) Ctrl + P
    (B) Ctrl + Z
    (C) Ctrl + X
    (D) Ctrl + N

12. How do you get violet color by mixing of two colors?
    (A) Red and Blue
    (B) Blue and Yellow
    (C) Yellow and Red
    (D) Yellow and Green

13. What is a sharara?
    (A) Leggings
    (B) Palazzo
    (C) Skirt
    (D) Top

14. What is the basic element of design?
    (A) Balance
    (B) Harmony
    (C) Line
    (D) Rhythm

15. What is the combination of any one color with the opposite color is called?
    (A) Complementary color
    (B) Primary color
    (C) Tone
    (D) Value

16. What is the complementary color of blue?
    (A) Violet
    (B) Green
    (C) Orange
    (D) Light green

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