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Dress Making - Garment Part Construction or Finishing MCQs

Practice Test: Question Set - 06

1. Which dart is used for semi fitted and fitted styles of garments?
    (A) Contour dart
    (B) French dart
    (C) One end pointed dart
    (D) Slashed dart (Single point)

2. What is the width of two pieces in Italian placket?
    (A) Left bigger than right
    (B) Right bigger than left
    (C) Both are same width
    (D) Left overlap right

3. Which placket the buttons are invisible?
    (A) Faced placket
    (B) Concealed placket
    (C) Continuous placket
    (D) Two-piece placket

4. How to fold the material to mark and cut the elliptical neck?
    (A) Vertical
    (B) Horizontal
    (C) Diagonal
    (D) 35°

5. Which design has to draw and cut in unfolded fabric?
    (A) Keyhole neck
    (B) Sweet heart neck
    (C) Asymmetric neck
    (D) Scoop neck

6. What is the function of gathers?
    (A) Stitching in a garment
    (B) Controlling in a garment
    (C) Finishing in a garment
    (D) Decorative in a garment

7. Which is a fabric tunnel?
    (A) Placket
    (B) Casing
    (C) Binding
    (D) Facing

8. Which are the one or two rows of stitching drawn up to form very tiny pleats in the fabrics?
    (A) Pleats
    (B) Gathers
    (C) Tucks
    (D) Darts

9. Which part is used to allow clothing to be put on or removed easily?
    (A) Hem
    (B) Sleeve
    (C) Collar
    (D) Placket

10. Where the continuous placket used?
    (A) Upper garment
    (B) Lower garment
    (C) Both upper and lower garment
    (D) Men's garment

11. Why the bar and triangle shape stitches done in corners of pocket mouth?
    (A) Decoration
    (B) Strengthened
    (C) Finishing
    (D) Attaching

12. When the diagonal joining of two edges at the corner is called?
    (A) Mitring
    (B) Over lapping
    (C) Banding
    (D) Binding

13. What is the necessary of darts?
    (A) Trims
    (B) Fullness
    (C) Grading
    (D) Clipping

14. Which design has least neck drop measurement?
    (A) Elliptical neck
    (B) Round neck
    (C) Boat neck
    (D) Scoop neck

15. How the corner formed?
    (A) Meet to the length
    (B) Meet to the width
    (C) Meet two edges
    (D) Meet to bias

16. What are the pleats, its most common form of pleats?
    (A) Box pleats
    (B) Inverted pleats
    (C) Knife pleats
    (D) Inverted box pleats

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