Quality Control in Textile Works Multiple Choice Questions - Set 01 - ObjectiveBooks

Quality Control in Textile Works Multiple Choice Questions - Set 01

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. Who examines the products and materials from defects and deviations?
    (A) Merchandisers
    (B) Industrial Engineers
    (C) Quality controller
    (D) Sewing operator

2. What is the full form of FQC?
    (A) Fabric Quantity Control
    (B) Fabric Quality Control
    (C) First Quality Control
    (D) Final Quality Control

3. What is AQL?
    (A) Accepted Quality Level
    (B) Arbitrary Quality level
    (C) Accepted Quantity level
    (D) Accepted Quality line

4. What is meant as goodness as badness of a product?
    (A) Brand
    (B) Specification
    (C) Quality
    (D) Quantity

5. What is improper interlacement of warp and weft ends?
    (A) Box marks
    (B) Temple marks
    (C) Lashing - in
    (D) Floats

6. Which machine is used to inspect the fabric quality?
    (A) Fault identification machine
    (B) Fabric inspection machine
    (C) Fabric identification machine
    (D) Fabric inspection material

7. Who is responsible to avoid future quality related problems?
    (A) Manager
    (B) Sewing operator
    (C) Inspector
    (D) Quality controller

8. Who is the person responsible for quality aspects of a garment?
    (A) Quality controller
    (B) Checker
    (C) Manager
    (D) Director

9. Which stains are easier to remove?
    (A) Fresh stain
    (B) Tough stain
    (C) Old stain
    (D) Blood stain

10. What is meant as meeting a specification?
    (A) Quantity
    (B) Price
    (C) Quality
    (D) Time

11. What is SQC?
    (A) Statistical Quality Control
    (B) Statistical Quantity Control
    (C) Statistical Quality Check
    (D) Statistical Quantity Check

12. When process control is carried out?
    (A) Before production
    (B) During production
    (C) After production
    (D) After production control

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