Quality Control and Quality Assurance Objective Questions - Set 03 - ObjectiveBooks

Quality Control and Quality Assurance Objective Questions - Set 03

Practice Test: Question Set - 03

1. What is known as the maximum percentage of defective accepted by the customer?
    (A) SQC
    (B) AQL
    (C) Order quantity
    (D) Arbitrary sampling

2. What is the abbreviation of AAMA?
    (A) Apparel Aids for Manufactures Association
    (B) American Apparel Manufacturers Association
    (C) American and Mexican Association
    (D) American Aided Manufactures Association

3. Which is the process of maintaining the standards in the product?
    (A) Quantity assurance
    (B) Quality control
    (C) Quality testing
    (D) Quantity inspection

4. What is No inspection?
    (A) Lot passed without inspection
    (B) Spot checking
    (C) Acceptance sampling
    (D) Statistical sampling

5. What does QA stand for?
    (A) Quality Assurance
    (B) Quality Adjustment
    (C) Quality Allocation
    (D) Quality Access

6. Which inspection checks each and every garment in a lot?
    (A) No inspection
    (B) Arbitrary sampling
    (C) Spot checking
    (D) 100% inspection

7. What is the goal of quality controllers?
    (A) Maintain products and materials
    (B) Maintain quality standards
    (C) Maintain required materials
    (D) Maintain quality of material

8. What is the full form of NMS?
    (A) National Material System
    (B) National Measurement System
    (C) National Mineral Society
    (D) National Material Society

9. What is the purpose of cleaning agents?
    (A) Label removal
    (B) Stain removal
    (C) Stitch removal
    (D) Trimming

10. How many types of inspections are there?
    (A) Production executive
    (B) Production manager
    (C) Quality controller
    (D) Quality checker

11. Which method inspects random shipments?
    (A) Spot checking
    (B) Statistical sampling
    (C) Arbitrary sampling
    (D) No inspection

12. What is the other name for broken picks?
    (A) Floats
    (B) Double picks
    (C) Lashing - in
    (D) Temple mark

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