Special Attachments in Dress Making Objective Questions - Set 01 - ObjectiveBooks

Special Attachments in Dress Making Objective Questions - Set 01

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. Which is the overlock machine used to goods of textile finishing?
    (A) One thread overlock machine
    (B) Two thread overlock machine
    (C) Three thread overlock machine
    (D) Four thread overlock machine

2. Which is the machine is used for decorative purpose?
    (A) Zig Zag machine
    (B) Handle machine
    (C) Over lock machine
    (D) Single needle lock stitch machine

3. Which oil used for treadle sewing machine?
    (A) Grease oil
    (B) Lubricated oil
    (C) Coconut oil
    (D) Kerosene oil

4. What is the function of stitch regulator?
    (A) Winding to thread
    (B) Thread to forms
    (C) Rotate to fly wheel
    (D) Controls to stitch length

5. How much stitches formed with over lock machine?
    (A) 100 class
    (B) 200 class
    (C) 400 class
    (D) 500 class

6. What is especially used for decorative purpose with longer stitches?
    (A) Hinged presser foot
    (B) Gathering foot
    (C) Presser foot
    (D) Zipper foot

7. Which purpose of used to motorized sewing machine in garment industry?
    (A) Low production
    (B) Poor production
    (C) High production
    (D) Average production

8. What is the function of motorized sewing machine parts of accelerator?
    (A) Control the stitch
    (B) Control the power stitch
    (C) Control the speed
    (D) Control the balance wheel

9. Which parts of helps to move the cloth forward whirl sewing?
    (A) Pressure foot
    (B) Stop motion screw
    (C) Feed dog
    (D) Stitch regulator

10. Which parts to controls the length of the stitch?
    (A) Presser foot lifter
    (B) Needle bar
    (C) Feed dog
    (D) Stitch regulator

11. What is the remedy for needle breaking?
    (A) Set the presser foot properly
    (B) Take - up spring weak
    (C) Lower tension too tight
    (D) Feed dog dirty

12. How many feed dogs made in overlock machine?
    (A) One feed dog
    (B) Two feed dog
    (C) Three feed dog
    (D) Four feed dog

13. Which parts holds the needle at one end with help of the clamp?
    (A) Face plate
    (B) Fly wheel
    (C) Needle bar
    (D) Presser foot

14. How is maintain to when not in use sewing machine?
    (A) On the plug
    (B) Cover the machine
    (C) Not cover the machine
    (D) Motor running condition

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