Special Attachments in Sewing Machine MCQ and Answers - Set 02 - ObjectiveBooks

Special Attachments in Sewing Machine MCQ and Answers - Set 02

Practice Test: Question Set - 02

1. Which parts is the engages and disengages the stitching mechanism?
    (A) Stop motion screw
    (B) Fly wheel
    (C) Bobbin winder
    (D) Presser foot

2. What is the reasons to regulate cleaning oiling and care of the sewing machine?
    (A) Machine runs heavily
    (B) Poor condition
    (C) Purpose
    (D) Long life

3. What is the reason of uneven stitch?
    (A) Needle bent
    (B) Poor thread
    (C) Dirt in the bobbin case
    (D) Feed-dog dirty or worn out

4. What is the attachment given the pin tucks?
    (A) Gathering foot
    (B) Folder attachment
    (C) Tucker foot
    (D) Guide attachment

5. Which attachments to used for gathering fabric by machine?
    (A) Binder attachments
    (B) Folder attachments
    (C) Guide attachments
    (D) Foot attachments

6. What is the function of finger guard?
    (A) Winds the thread
    (B) Prevent the finger
    (C) Help of belt
    (D) For rubbing

7. Which number needles are used to muslin, cambric and thin fabrics?
    (A) 9-11
    (B) 11-12
    (C) 14-16
    (D) 16-18

8. How is the rectifications of material not feeding correctly?
    (A) Use only sewing machine oil
    (B) Check the presser foot and its presser
    (C) Threads tagged in shuttle race
    (D) Gummed oil or dirt on bearings

9. What is the defect on fabric puckering?
    (A) Take up spring broken
    (B) Blunt needle
    (C) Excess oil on shuttle
    (D) Bobbin too full

10. Which parts are indicating the oil level?
    (A) Sight glass
    (B) Back take lever
    (C) Thread guide
    (D) Accelerator

11. Which part in we put the bobbin is fixed?
    (A) Shuttle race
    (B) Shuttle
    (C) Bobbin case
    (D) Bobbin winder

12. Which number needles are used to heavy up holstery fabrics?
    (A) 11
    (B) 14
    (C) 16
    (D) 18

13. What is the reason of upper thread breaking?
    (A) Set the bobbin in correct position
    (B) Thread the needle properly
    (C) Excess oil
    (D) Oil and clean periodically

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