RCC Structures Design Mock Test - Set 14 - ObjectiveBooks

RCC Structures Design Mock Test - Set 14

Practice Test: Question Set - 14

1. The minimum number of main steel bars provided in R.C.C.
    (A) Rectangular columns is 4
    (B) Circular columns is 6
    (C) Octagonal columns is 8
    (D) All the above

2. A short column 20 cm × 20 cm in section is reinforced with 4 bars whose area of cross section is 20 sq. cm. If permissible compressive stresses in concrete and steel are 40 kg/cm2 and 300 kg/cm2, the Safe load on the column, should not exceed
    (A) 4,120 kg
    (B) 41,200 kg
    (C) 412,000 kg
    (D) None of these

3. If T and R are tread and rise respectively of a stair, then
    (A) 2R + T = 60
    (B) R + 2T = 60
    (C) 2R + T = 30
    (D) R + 2T= 30

4. For stairs spanning l meters longitudinally between supports at the bottom and top of a flight carrying a load w per unit horizontal area, the maximum bending moment per metre width, is
    (A) wl²/4
    (B) wl²/8
    (C) wl²/12
    (D) wl²/16

5. In a singly reinforced beam, the effective depth is measured from its compression edge to
    (A) Tensile edge
    (B) Tensile reinforcement
    (C) Neutral axis of the beam
    (D) Longitudinal central axis

6. Though the effective depth of a T-beam is the distance between the top compression edge to the centre of the tensile reinforcement, for heavy loads, it is taken as
    (A) 1/8th of the span
    (B) 1/10th of the span
    (C) 1/12th of the span
    (D) 1/16th of the span

7. If jd is the lever arm and ΣO is the total perimeter of reinforcement of an R.C.C. beam, the bond stress at the section having Q shear force, is
    (A) Q/2jdƩO
    (B) Q/3jdƩO
    (C) Q/jdƩO
    (D) 2 × Q/jdƩO

8. On piles, the drop must be at least
    (A) 80 cm
    (B) 100 cm
    (C) 120 cm
    (D) 140 cm

9. Steel beam theory is used for
    (A) Design of simple steel beams
    (B) Steel beams encased in concrete
    (C) Doubly reinforced beams ignoring compressive stress in concrete
    (D) Beams if shear exceeds 4 times allowable shear stress

10. In a pre-stressed beam carrying an external load W with a bent tendon is having angle of inclination θ and pre-stressed load P. The net downward load at the centre is
    (A) W - 2P cos θ
    (B) W - P cos θ
    (C) W - P sin θ
    (D) W - 2P sin θ

11. To have pressure wholly compressive under the base of a retaining wall of width b, the resultant of the weight of the wall and the pressure exerted by the retained, earth should have eccentricity not more than
    (A) b/3
    (B) b/4
    (C) b/5
    (D) b/6

12. The diameter of longitudinal bars of a column should never be less than
    (A) 6 mm
    (B) 8 mm
    (C) 10 mm
    (D) 12 mm

13. Post tensioning system
    (A) Was widely used in earlier days
    (B) Is not economical and hence not generally used
    (C) Is economical for large spans and is adopted now a days
    (D) None of these

14. The number of treads in a flight is equal to
    (A) Risers in the flight
    (B) Risers plus one
    (C) Risers minus one
    (D) None of these

15. The amount of reinforcement for main bars in a slab, is based upon
    (A) Minimum bending moment
    (B) Maximum bending moment
    (C) Maximum shear force
    (D) Minimum shear force

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