RCC Structures Design Quiz Questions - set 07 - ObjectiveBooks

RCC Structures Design Quiz Questions - set 07

Practice Test: Question Set - 07

1. A part of the slab may be considered as the flange of the T-beam if
    (A) Flange has adequate reinforcement transverse to beam
    (B) It is built integrally with the beam
    (C) It is effectively bonded together with the beam
    (D) All the above

2. By over-reinforcing a beam, the moment of resistance can be increased not more than
    (A) 10 %
    (B) 15 %
    (C) 20 %
    (D) 25 %

3. Total pressure on the vertical face of a retaining wall of height ‘h’ per unit run exerted by the retained earth weighing ‘w’ per unit volume, is
    (A) wh [(1 - sin φ)/(1 + sin φ)]
    (B) wh² [(1 - sin φ)/(1 + sin φ)]
    (C) wh² [(1 - sin φ)/2(1 + sin φ)]
    (D) wh² [(1 - sin φ)/3(1 + sin φ)]

4. A singly reinforced beam has breadth b, effective depth d, depth of neutral axis n and critical neutral axis n1. If fc and ft are permissible compressive and tensile stresses, the moment to resistance of the beam, is
    (A) bn (fc/2) (d - n/3)
    (B) Atft (d - n/3)
    (C) ½ n1 (1 - n1/3) cbd²
    (D) All the above

5. According to I.S.: 456, 1978 the thickness of reinforced concrete footing on piles at its edges, is kept less than
    (A) 5 cm
    (B) 10 cm
    (C) 15 cm
    (D) 20 cm

6. If l1 and l2 are the lengths of long and short spans of a two way slab simply supported on four edges and carrying a load w per unit area, the ratio of the loads split into w1 and w2acting on strips parallel to l2 and l1 is
    (A) w1/w2 = l2/l1 
    (B) w1/w2 = (l2/l1
    (C) w1/w2 = (l2/l1)3
    (D) w1/w2 = (l2/l1)4

7. The live load to be considered for an accessible roof, is
    (A) Nil
    (B) 75 kg/m3
    (C) 150 kg/m2
    (D) 200 kg/cm2

8. If AcAsc and A are areas of concrete, longitudinal steel and section of a R.C.C. column and m and σc are the modular ratio and maximum stress in the configuration of concrete, the strength of column is
    (A) σcAc + m σcAsc
    (B) σc(A - Asc) + m σcAsc
    (C) σc[A + (m - 1)ASC]
    (D) All the above

9. On an absolutely rigid foundation base, the pressure will
    (A) Be more at the edges of the foundation
    (B) Be uniform
    (C) Not be uniform
    (D) Be zero at the centre of the foundation

10. The diameter of transverse reinforcement of columns should be equal to one-fourth of the diameter of the main steel rods but not less than
    (A) 4 mm
    (B) 5 mm
    (C) 6 mm
    (D) 7 mm

11. If longitudinally spanning stairs are casted along with their landings, the maximum bending moment per metre width, is taken as
    (A) wl²/4
    (B) wl²/8
    (C) wl²/10
    (D) wl²/12

12. If P kg/m2 is the upward pressure on the slab of a plain concrete footing whose projection on either side of the wall is a cm, the depth of foundation D is given by
    (A) D = 0.00775 aP
    (B) D = 0.0775 aP
    (C) D = 0.07775 aP
    (D) D = 0.775 Pa

13. If the shear stress in a R.C.C. beam is
    (A) Equal or less than 5 kg/cm2, no shear reinforcement is provided
    (B) Greater than 4 kg/cm2, but less than 20 kg/cm2, shear reinforcement is provided
    (C) Greater than 20 kg/cm2, the size of the section is changed
    (D) All the above

14. For a continuous floor slab supported on beams, the ratio of end span length and intermediate span length, is
    (A) 0.6
    (B) 0.7
    (C) 0.8
    (D) 0.9

15. In a singly reinforced beam
    (A) Compression is borne entirely by concrete
    (B) Steel possesses initial stresses when embedded in concrete
    (C) Plane sections transverse to the centre line of the beam before bending remain plane after bending
    (D) Elastic moduli for concrete and steel have different values within the limits of deformation of the beam

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