Applied Mechanics and Graphic Statics MCQ Practice - Set 06 - ObjectiveBooks

Applied Mechanics and Graphic Statics MCQ Practice - Set 06

Practice Test: Question Set - 06

1. The angle of friction is:
    (A) The ratio of the friction and the normal reaction
    (B) The force of friction when the body is in motion
    (C) The angle between the normal reaction and the resultant of normal reaction and limiting friction
    (D) The force of friction at which the body is just about to move

2. If a projectile is fired with an initial velocity of 10 m/sec at an angle of 60° to the horizontal, its horizontal and vertical velocity at the highest point of trajectory are
    (A) 0 and 5 m/sec
    (B) 5 m/sec and 0
    (C) 5√3 m/sec and 0
    (D) 5 and 5√3 m/sec

3. ‘ω’ rad/sec is the angular velocity of a crank whose radius is ‘r’. If it makes θ° with inner dead centre and obliquity of the connecting rod ‘l’ is ‘ϕ’, the velocity v of the piston, is given by the equation
    (A) ω2 (l cos ϕ + r sin ϕ tan θ)
    (B) ω2 (l sin ϕ + r cos φ tan θ)
    (C) ω (l sin ϕ + r cos ϕ tan θ)
    (D) ω2 (l sin ϕ - r cos θ tan ϕ)

4. One Newton force, is
    (A) 103 dynes
    (B) 104 dynes
    (C) 105 dynes
    (D) 106 dynes

5. A square hole is made in a circular lamina, the diagonal of the square is equal to the radius of the circle as shown in below figure the shift in the centre of gravity is
Applied Mechanics-Set 06, Question No. 05
    (A) r (π - 0.75)/(π - 0.5)
    (B) r (π - 0.25)/(π - 0.75)
    (C) r (π - 0.5)/(π - 0.75)
    (D) r (π - 0.5)/(π - 0.25)

6. A simple pendulum of length / has an energy E, when its amplitude is A. If the length of pendulum is doubled, the energy will be
    (A) E
    (B) E/2
    (C) 2E
    (D) 4E

7. A particle moving with a simple harmonic motion, attains its maximum velocity when it passes
    (A) The extreme point of the oscillation
    (B) Through the mean position
    (C) Through a point at half amplitude
    (D) None of these

8. Pick up the correct statement from the following:
    (A) Nature plays an important role in the launch of a satellite
    (B) The earth's gravity reduces the speed of a satellite by 32 km per second
    (C) The gravitational force relents as the satellite climbs higher
    (D) All the above

9. A stone of mass 1 kg is tied to a string of length 1 m and whirled in a horizontal circle at a constant angular speed 5 rad/sec. The tension in the string is,
    (A) 5 N
    (B) 10 N
    (C) 15 N
    (D) 25 N

10. A ladder of weight 'w' rests against a smooth vertical wall, and rests on rough horizontal ground, the coefficient of friction between the ladder and the ground being 1/4. The maximum angle of inclination of the ladder to the vertical, if a man of weight 'w' is to walk to the top of it safely, is tan'1 x, where x is
    (A) 1/4
    (B) 1/3
    (C) 3
    (D) 4

11. For a self-locking machine, the efficiency should be
    (A) Less than 60%
    (B) 50%
    (C) More than 50%
    (D) None of these

12. The C.G. of a right circular cone lies on its axis of symmetry at a height of
    (A) h/2
    (B) h/3
    (C) h/4
    (D) h/5

13. The resultant of two forces acting at right angles is √34 kg and acting at 60° is 70 kg. The forces are
    (A) 1 kg and 4 kg
    (B) 2 kg and 3 kg
    (C) √3 kg and √5 kg
    (D) 3 kg and 5 kg

14. A body is dropped from a height of 100 m and at the same time another body is projected vertically upward with a velocity of 10 m/sec. The two particles will
    (A) Never meet
    (B) Meet after 1 sec
    (C) Meet after 5 sec
    (D) Meet after 10 sec

15. In the structure shown in below figure, the member which carries zero force, is 
Applied Mechanics-Set 06, Question No. 15
    (A) AB
    (B) BC
    (C) BE
    (D) All the above

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