Civil Graphic Statics MCQ Quiz Questions - Set 21 - ObjectiveBooks

Civil Graphic Statics MCQ Quiz Questions - Set 21

Practice Test: Question Set - 21

1. On a ladder resisting on a smooth ground and leaning against a rough vertical wall, the force of friction acts
    (A) Towards the wall at its upper end
    (B) Away from the wall at its upper end
    (C) Upwards at its upper end
    (D) Downwards at its upper end

2. The velocity ratio of the differential wheel and axle is
    (A) R/r1 - r2
    (B) 2R/r1
    (C) 3R/r1 - r2
    (D) 2R/r1 + r2

3. Joule is the unit of
    (A) Power
    (B) Impulse
    (C) Work
    (D) Momentum

4. Total no of instantaneous centers of a machine having ‘n’ links, is
    (A) n/2
    (B) n
    (C) (n - 1)
    (D) n (n - 1)/2

5. For a body moving with simple harmonic motion, the number of cycles per second, is known as its
    (A) Oscillation
    (B) Amplitude
    (C) Periodic time
    (D) Frequency

6. A ball is dropped from a height of 16 m on a horizontal floor. If it rebounds to a height of 9 m after striking the floor, the coefficient of restitution between ball and floor is
    (A) 1/4
    (B) 2/3
    (C) 3/4
    (D) 4/3

7. The motion of a bicycle wheel is
    (A) Translatory
    (B) Rotary
    (C) Rotary and translatory
    (D) Curvilinear

8. For a simple pendulum, time period for a beat, is
    (A) π(l/g)
    (B) π(2l/g)
    (C) π(g/2l)
    (D) π(l/2g)

9. A circular disc rotates at n rpm. The angular velocity of a circular ring of same mass and radius as the disc and to have the same angular momentum is
    (A) n rpm
    (B) n/2 rpm
    (C) n/4 rpm
    (D) 2n rpm

10. The rotational velocity of a satellite is increased by 450 m per second if its launch is done from equator
    (A) Eastward
    (B) Northward
    (C) Westward
    (D) Southward

11. The velocity of a body fallen from height ‘h’, on reaching the ground is given by
    (A) v = 2gh
    (B) v = 2gh2
    (C) v = √(2gh)
    (D) v = 1/√(2gh)

12. In SI units, the units of force and energy are respectively
    (A) Newton and watt
    (B) Dyne and erg
    (C) Newton and joule
    (D) kg wt and joule

13. The point about which combined motion of rotation and translation of a rigid body takes place, is known as
    (A) Virtual centre
    (B) Instantaneous centre
    (C) Instantaneous axis
    (D) Point of rotation

14. For a given velocity of a projectile, the range is maximum when the angle of projection is
    (A) 30°
    (B) 45°
    (C) 90°
    (D) 0°

15. Time of flight of a projectile on a horizontal plane, is
    (A) 2u sinα/g
    (B) 2u cosα/g
    (C) 2u tanα/g
    (D) 2u cotα/g

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