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Worm Gears Multiple Choice Questions

Worm Gears MCQ Practice Test

1. A pair of worm gears is designated as (1/30/10/8). The center distance between the worm and worm wheel is
    (A) 160 mm 
    (B) 30 mm 
    (C) 80 mm 
    (D) 96 mm

2. Worm gears are widely used when
    (A) Velocity ratio is high
    (B) Space is limited
    (C) Axes of shafts are non-intersecting
    (D) All the three 

3. To make the worm gear drive reversible, it is necessary to increase  
    (A) Center distance 
    (B) Number of starts 
    (C) Diametral quotient 
    (D) Velocity ratio 

4. The main advantage of worm gear drive is 
    (A) Ease of manufacturing 
    (B) High velocity ratio 
    (C) Low power loss 
    (D) Low cost 

5. A worm gear drive consists of double start worm meshing with a 50 teeth worm wheel. The velocity ratio is
    (A) 25
    (B) 100
    (C) 50
    (D) 75

6. For proper meshing of the worm and worm wheel, the axial pitch of the worm compared with circular pitch of worm wheel should be
    (A) More 
    (B) Equal 
    (C) Less 
    (D) None of the above

7. The lead angle of worm is given by,
    (A) tan-1 (1/πd1)
    (B) tan-1 (z1/q)
    (C) tan-1 (πmz1)
    (D) Both (A) and (B) above

8. The number of starts on worm for a velocity ratio of 40 is
    (A) Single 
    (B) Double 
    (C) Triple 
    (D) Quadruple 

9. A pair of worm gears is designated as (1/30/10/8). The velocity ratio is
    (A) 160
    (B) 30
    (C) 80
    (D) 96

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