Basic ITI MCQ on CNC turning and Operations - Set 01 - ObjectiveBooks

Basic ITI MCQ on CNC turning and Operations - Set 01

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. What types of taper is in the CNC machine spindle?
    (A) ISO 40
    (B) Morse taper
    (C) Jarno taper
    (D) Pin taper

2. Which code represents in more flexible and suitable for threading longitudinal transverse and tapered thread?
    (A) G76
    (B) G92
    (C) G32
    (D) G34

3. Which is the tool selection word is specified?
    (A) G-Allowed by 5 digit numbers
    (B) F-Allowed by 5 digit numbers
    (C) S-Allowed by 5 digit numbers
    (D) T-Allowed by 5 digit numbers

4. What is the safety check on the CNC machine after start?
    (A) Check the chuck function
    (B) Check the voltage and current
    (C) Check the hydraulic tank oil level
    (D) Check the clamping stock

5. What is the composition of Stellite tool material?
    (A) Cobalt, Chromium and Tungsten
    (B) Cobalt, Nickel and Tungsten
    (C) Cobalt, Chromium and Nickel
    (D) Cobalt, Carbon and Tungsten

6. Which part provides linear travel to the tool in CNC lathe?
    (A) Lead screw
    (B) Ball screw
    (C) Warm wheel
    (D) Rack and Pinion

7. Which G code describes machine tool movement of grooving cycle?
    (A) G73
    (B) G75
    (C) G92
    (D) G98

8. Which M-code is defined and implement to spindles stop?
    (A) M05
    (B) M08
    (C) M11
    (D) M14

9. Which is the method in avoidance of collisions due to programme?
    (A) Full cycle simulation
    (B) Reduce motor speed
    (C) Give less feed
    (D) Reduce cutter speed

10. Which device enables crash prevention on different types of CNC machines?
    (A) Encoder - dish position sensors
    (B) Servo motor
    (C) Control computer
    (D) Comparator

11. What is the maximum machining length in a CNC lathe?
    (A) 320 mm
    (B) 245 mm
    (C) 200 mm
    (D) 340 mm

12. What is the expansion of CAD?
    (A) Computer Aided Development
    (B) Computer Aided Design
    (C) Computer Automatic Development
    (D) Computer Automatic Design

13. What should be the safety precaution for holding the work piece to the lathe chuck?
    (A) Cleaned
    (B) Measured
    (C) Clamped securely
    (D) Polished

14. What is the function of M02 code in part programming?
    (A) Programme stop
    (B) Optional stop
    (C) End of programme execution
    (D) Coolant ON

15. Which is the part programme to limit the RPM to 3000?
    (A) G92 S3000
    (B) G96 N3000
    (C) G00 T3000
    (D) G01 S250

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