Cloth Making Industry Pattern and Layout Exam Questions - Set 03 - ObjectiveBooks

Cloth Making Industry Pattern and Layout Exam Questions - Set 03

Practice Test: Question Set - 03

1. What is it called when fabric is arranged one layer to the above layer in the mass production?
    (A) Cutting
    (B) Stitching
    (C) Spreading
    (D) Marking

2. What is the measurement ratio for drafting the neck curve?
    (A) 1 : 6
    (B) 1 : 4
    (C) 1 : 2
    (D) 1 : 8

3. What is the name of a fabric band at the bottom of the sleeve?
    (A) Placket
    (B) Cuff
    (C) Yoke
    (D) Collar

4. Which sleeve run up to neck line?
    (A) Puff sleeve
    (B) Raglan sleeve
    (C) Plain sleeve
    (D) Cap sleeve

5. What is crotch point?
    (A) Crotch line of parts
    (B) Base of the torso
    (C) Distance from waist to crotch
    (D) End of crotch extension

6. Which part of the human body enables for easy movement?
    (A) Bones
    (B) Joints
    (C) Skin
    (D) Muscles

7. What is known as for measure round the bare of throat?
    (A) Neck
    (B) Chest
    (C) Inseam
    (D) Full length

8. Which part of the commercial pattern explains about the use of pattern and different pattern markings?
    (A) Envelope
    (B) Pattern issue
    (C) Instruction sheet
    (D) Size chart

9. What is the shape of a turtle neck collar after construction?
    (A) Semi-circle
    (B) Circle
    (C) Square
    (D) Triangle

10. What is the width of cotton cloth?
    (A) 90 cms
    (B) 70 cms
    (C) 84 cms
    (D) 115 cms

11. Which type of measurement is measured in a circular manner around the body part and tape ends meet each other?
    (A) Vertical measurements
    (B) Horizontal measurements
    (C) Arc measurements
    (D) Girth measurements

12. Which are the checked fabrics?
    (A) Napped fabrics
    (B) Plaid fabrics
    (C) Striped fabrics
    (D) Plain fabrics

13. How many types of part foundations are there?
    (A) 4
    (B) 5
    (C) 3
    (D) 2

14. Which type of figure involves proportion of width and height without any deforming?
    (A) Erect figure
    (B) Tall and Thin figure
    (C) Stooping figure
    (D) Normal figure

15. What is the name of arranging the patterns on a fabric?
    (A) Layout
    (B) Drafting
    (C) Drawing
    (D) Designing

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